Exchange to SMTP for my domain - but only for address that are exchange accounts

Our mail services are provided by our ISP.  We are using SBS 2003 with exchange integrated.  All settings for Exchange are per the wizards that set it up.  Some of our users are exchange users (all will be soon, but I have to prove the concept first) and some directly access the POP and SMTP servers.  When an exchange user sends messages to a domain other than our own, everything seems to work well.  However, when the exchange user send to someone within our domain that is not an exchange user, the message does not get delivered.  I am not experienced with exchange and would gladly hire a conultant to take care of this, but my company will not spend the money - so lucky me.  All incoming mail via the POP connector is working perfectly.

I suspect that this is a simple matter of setting up the right recipient policies, but I have not been able to make that work correctly.

All help is gratefully accepted.

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SembeeConnect With a Mentor Commented:
This is a very common problem.
Ideally email should be on one or another email server - not both.
Try the simple technique first. In recipient policy, look at the properties for your external domain and deselect the option for Exchange being responsible for all email for the domain.

tdhughesCPAAuthor Commented:
That got it.  I considered that switch, but changing it didn't feel quite right.  Thanks for your help and the speed of your reply.

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