MySQL Pro Certified vs Community Edition

What are the main differences?  Is the codebase the same?  Is it just the support that comes with Pro Certified that's different?

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Which Edition Should I Choose?

The world's most popular open source database is available in 2 editions: MySQL Pro Certified Server and MySQL Community Edition. It is important to understand the differences between these editions.
MySQL Network with MySQL Pro Certified Server:

MySQL Pro Certified Server is delivered with MySQL Network. It is the most reliable and secure version of MySQL. MySQL Network includes:

    * Enterprise-grade software, support and services you need to develop & deploy business-critical applications
    * Eliminate problems before they occur with proactive alerts
    * Immediate access to our Knowledge Base of hundreds of technical articles
    * Comes directly from the developers of MySQL

MySQL Community Edition:

At the same time, MySQL AB remains focused on delivering MySQL Community Edition to the world's most popular open source database to the open source community.

    * Freely available under the open source GPL license
    * Released early
    * Released often
    * Includes the latest bleeding-edge features that are under development
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