Cannot email AOL customers.

I know that AOL requires reverses DNS, and I have tested the IP address of my Exchange server on and it is resovling just fine, yet I can still not send any email to AOL customers.  My domain name is  I quess my problem is how do you talk to tech support at AOL to resolve this.  Does any one know how to get ahold of AOL tech support if you are not an AOL customer.  As always I appreciate any help.
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Donnie4572Connect With a Mentor Commented:

You can send an email to and it will bounce back to you with the ip address you are sending from. verify this address as having your reverse lookup.

You could relay AOL mail through your ISP. Check out Simon's site here for details. 
(Thanks for a Great site Simon!)
If your domain is then I will reject your message as well. shows that you don't have any MX records.

AOL will not want to talk to you - as far as they are concerned it is your problem that your domain isn't set correctly, not theirs. They don't have to accept any email that they don't want.

adsnetcurveAuthor Commented:
I have checked my DNS server and I do have a an MX record but it is set to go to server which is a spam filter service  we use.  Would that cause the problem?
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adsnetcurveAuthor Commented:
Well the mx record is fixed now but the mail is still not flowing.
AOL has their own blacklist which they tell me domains can be added when a user complains of spam from that domain. If your message is being blocked by AOL then you should get NDR and they will discuss the options for correcting that NDR. However, I found Simon's statement to be correct, they are not very responsive.
AOL isn't going to pick up the change to the MX records for at least 48 hours, maybe longer while that information propagates round the internet. Therefore I would suggest that you setup an SMTP Connector to route the email through your spam filtering service for now.

Although the DNS report still has errors, so I don't think you are in the clear yet.

with a major provider such as Yahoo or Hotmail or AOL and that they will get a certain percentage of the business whenever this happens.  Of course the larger domains such as Yahoo, Hotmail and AOL itself are never blocked by AOL.

Therefore all it takes to get onto the AOL blacklist is for just one receiver of an AOL message to mark it as spam and from then on that domain is blocked from sending ANY message to ANY AOL account.  AOL makes no attempt other than the most minimal to fix such a problem and the only effort they do make is so that they can SAY that they try to make things right.

Anytime at all that AOL can use some unethical means to increase their profits they jump right on it.  This was true many years ago when they drastically cut the monthly subscription price for "unlimited" dial up internet access WITHOUT in any way increasing their capacity to service the new subscribers signed up with this promise and it remains completely true now.

AOL's behaviors should be criminal but we all know how knowledgeable our elected officials are when it comes to internet considerations.  Perhaps that is too strong but then even if the elected officials are somewhat knowledgeable their main purpose then becomes to line their pockets with big business money.

Everyone should do their best to discourage anyone at all from using AOL.  TimeWarner certain wishes they had never heard of AOL.
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