Journal Wrap Error SBS2000


We are preparing to use Swing IT!! to migrate from SBS2000 to Server 2003 Standard. In going over the preparations before we begin I checked the System log on SBS2000 and found this (summarized):

The File Replication Service has detected that the replica set "Domain System Volume (SYSVOL SHARE)" is in JRNL_WRAP_ERROR.

Replica set name is  : "DOMAIN SYSTEM VOLUME (SYSVOL SHARE)"
Replica root path is  : "c:\winnt\sysvol\domain"
Replica root volume is: "\\.\C:"
A Replica set hits JRNL_WRAP_ERROR when the record that it is trying to read from the NTFS USN journal is not found. This can occur because of one of the following reason.

It then lists the reasons and gives instructions to modify a registry value. I've looked this up and have seen posts detailing how people fixed the condition on their servers. My question is, since this is SBS2000 the server isn't going to be replicating to anything right now anyway, will it?

Apparently it's been going on for a while and it doesn't seem to be affecting anything obvious. We stopped running Exchange over six months ago so it can't impact that (I read an article where someone claimed fixing this improved an Exchange problem they were having).

Do we need to fix this before we start our migration process? Or can we ignore it if the existing production server is about to be migrated over and decommissioned in a matter of two weeks? We begin the migration process on Thursday of this week. Thanks.

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Kini pradeepPrincipal Cloud and security consultantCommented:
due to jrnl wrap the file replication service faces an assertion error, when that happens the system shares (sysvol & netlogon) would not be shared by the system. without the server logon share LDAP  fails to bind, when that happens the DC would not behave as a DC and would not authenticate, also the GC would fail affecting any Exchange server in that site.
there is a lot of functional difference between SBS and windows standard server, so microsoft recommends that the FSMO roles not be transferred from the SBS, as it is designed to be with a single DC.

i wonder whether  the swing would work, if it does please do let me know the steps i would like to know how.
as long as the logon server shares are there there should be no problems.
would be glad to be of assistance.
Kini pradeepPrincipal Cloud and security consultantCommented:
check the free disk space on the drive where the sysvol is hosted.
is file replication service been stopped for a long time.

what could be done is if there is a low disk space, move the sysvol to a diff drive.
if frs is stopped start it.
your SBS DC will stop authenticating in a few days if the state continues.

else back up the policies and scripts folder in the sysvol and stop FRS and rename the ntfrs.jdb %systemroot%\ntfrs and start the FRS ( if the policies and scripts vanish as they do some times) paste them from the backup.(make sure no orphan DC's are in the domain, i have had a client running SBS with ADC's)
Kini pradeepPrincipal Cloud and security consultantCommented:
start the FRS
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pcstech01Author Commented:
FRS is running right now. This error only occurs once, right after we reboot the server (for whatever reason). It doesn't happen repeatedly. It only shows up after every reboot. The system partition is 8GB total with 1.4 GB of free space, at one point the drive was low on free space but that's been fixed.

The existing server is scheduled to be taken offline permanently in a matter of weeks. We are performing the Swing migration this Thursday and it will take about another week to bring the new server online. I don't mind trying to fix this on the new server because it won't be in production.

I have to run ADPrep on the SBS server tomorrow night so that it will accept a Windows 2003 server for the swing migration. My biggest concern would be to try and fix something that caused a bigger problem.  Will ADPrep even run under this current condition? I showed this error to the consultant and he didn't look too concerned?

I'm trying to avoid any downtime in this environment and the on site contractor is only available on a limited basis so getting local help is limited.
Kini pradeepPrincipal Cloud and security consultantCommented:
its not a problem till the time the netlogon and sysvol shares are not lost.
once they are lost ( i mean the system would stop sharing them due to the errror) the LDAP bind would fail and the DC would stop behaving like a DC.
as far as the swing server is concerned, there is a difference in schema for SBS and standard /enterprise, so before you actually do it make sure you are in a position to revert back because the FSMO roles cannot be transferred from SBS to a standard server, i MS also says that they are not to be seized ( not a SBS func).
if i am wrong on that or if you find a better way to achieve please do let me know about it.

thanks in advance.
pcstech01Author Commented:
Hello krpad,

Thanks for the reply. I wanted to get clarification on some of your points.

Are you saying that the Journal Wrap error shouldn't be a problem during this process? I wasn't clear when you said "its not a problem till the time the netlogon and sysvol shares are not lost".

Once you dcpromo the temporary DC and replicate it with the SBS server, you take the temp DC offline and use NTDSutil to sieze the roles since it won't be able to communicate with SBS anymore.  The temp DC is Windows Server 2003 Standard.

Prior to this you perform a system state backup of your server, back up your data, then run adprep /forestprep & adprep /domainprep on SBS 2000 to extend the AD schema.

I wanted to make sure that because we have a Journal Wrap Error we wouldn't run into problems running adprep /forestprep and adprep /domainprep tonight.

Thanks again for the help

pcstech01Author Commented:
Our contractor came out today and fixed the journal wrap error. Once he did that we ran the Adprep commands and they went off smoothly.

I don't have a hard copy of the documentation for the procedure but the site is The product is called Swing IT!!. We are 1/2 through right now and it's working great.

Thanks again for your help.
Kini pradeepPrincipal Cloud and security consultantCommented:
thankyou very much thats a great piece of info
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