Restore data from files made with mksysb (?)

I have a DVD from a client that was created from a tape backup that is about 10 years old - they cannot supply any further information.  The files are as follows:  partfile.000-3987 KB, partfile.001-1650 KB, partfile.002 - 1 KB and partfile.003 - 1,691,700 KB.  Using a text editor the partfile.002 contains only the phrase "dummy tape TOC".  I have two directories containing the same information.  My research indicates that these are probably backup files created with the "mksysb" command.  Is this correct?  Can these files be restored or viewed with any other software or operating system.  Neither the client nor I have access to an AIX system.  Any suggestion gratefully appreciated.
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$ file partfile*

then do
pax -r < /the/partfile/of/cpio/type
brentokcAuthor Commented:
I am unfamiliar with Linux, currently I run Mephis for one of my computer forensics tools and a Samba server, but otherwise I don't do anything with the operating system.  So, that said, could you please add a little more explanation as to these commands.  I have read the man page for pax and understand what it does, but $ file partfile* and /the/partfile/of/cpio/type is beyond my level of understanding.   Also I don't get what the cpio type is or how I would know.  I will be happy to add points for this additional information.  Thanks Brent Davis
use "file" command to determine which of partfiles do hold actual file data

mepis is poorly documented and unsuitable for beginner.
You have these files:

name          size
partfile.000  3987 KB
partfile.001  1650 KB
partfile.002  1 KB
partfile.003  1,691,700 KB

Each of these corresponds to a "section" on the mksysb tape. These are (a) bosboot image (b) mkinsttape image (c) dummy .toc and (d) rootvg data.

When ghesit says "file partfile*", that command will tell you the type of each of partfile.000, partfile.001, partfile.002 and partfile.003 as determined by the UNIX command "file". However, the rootvg data is in an AIX-specific format, created by the "backup" command and read by the "restore" command.

Since you do not have an AIX system, you cannot examine the data.
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