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I have a crosstab that is first grouped by Year and then by quarter. It contains two years worth of data and will continue to grow. I want the title of the first subtotal column to say "overall" and this year's subtotal to say "YTD". I have tried writing a formula and sticking it into the text field, but it does not change depending on the year.

if ({year})="2005" then "Overall"
else "YTD"

only returns 2005 for both the 2005 grouping and the 2006 grouping.

Am I trying something that is not possible?
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ast2550Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Ok, I misunderstood.  I don't think it is possible...at least not with 8.5.

This formula should be used as the column in the Crosstab, not the year.

if ({year})="2005" then "Overall"
else "YTD"
jennifer_bormanAuthor Commented:
The reason that the year is being used is so that it shows

2005                                  2006
Q1  Q2  Q3  Q4    Overall     Q1   Q2         YTD

That is what I am trying to accomplish. Otherwise if I just do by quarter the data would not seperate out by year.

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