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I have backup exec backing up to two portable hard drives. Currently I have a backup everyday of the week, the problem is that the portable hard drive is full. I want the backup to overwright the old media and continue backing up to the same portable drive. How can I do this?

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You have to configure Backup exec to overwrite on the backup media. In order to schedule the backup with “overwrite” option , that is the if we want the backup job to take the backup in a file which is then overwritten on the next cycle perform the following additional steps:
1. Make sure that this job is using the media set which has following options set to enable overwriting
overwrite protection period=0
append period=0
2. Else create the media set as follows
      Go to media, right click on Media sets, create a new media set
      set the above mentioned options
3. Go to job properties and make sure that overwrite option is set there too and move the job to the newly created media set
4. Also go to media > media sets then click on the media set you were previously using. Identify all the backups, right click on them and move to newly created mediaset which has overwrite options set.

Best of luck

Go to "Tools > Options" and click on "Backup" in the left pan. Now you can see an option called "Media Over write protection". Change it to "Over write media" and click OK
Now go to last tab "Media" in vertias backup exec. Expand "Media Sets". You will see media sets created under that. Right click on the media set and choose properties. Change "append period" to "Infinite - Allow Append" and click ok.
Make sure you move all your medias under that media set

good Luck!
Thanks mr waqar,
For pointing that option which i forgot to mention .

icedcoolAuthor Commented:
Thanks guys.
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