ISA Server issues (I think!!)

Hi there,

we have a sbs 2000 server and today our server went down, our IT support company replaced a network card and all seems a bit better except for the fact we can now not get on to the internet.  Our server uses ISA server as its proxy and all clients point to via port 8080 to get on to the www normally, but since today we cannot browse.  Emails in and out are ok and terminal services is fine too, just the browsing which is the problem!!  

Do I need to re-configure ISA to tell it we have a new network card, is that the problem..?  Any suggestions here would be useful.

Many thanks

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Sorry missed the 2000 part,  CEICW is a SBS 2003 server wizard (under Server Management - Internet and E-mail - Connect to Internet). I can't help here.

I guess that a reboot can be usefull.  By changing the card at least the mac adress of the card was changed so at the lowest protocol level something changed.
It could be about uninstalling the old card and running the CEICW wizard, see:
philipgeckoAuthor Commented:
Can you access this wizard when going to Internet options and then clicking on setup..? Also, does this wizard need then to be run from every client..?

With reference to the uninstalling of the old network card which has been removed does the server need to be rebooted afterwards..?  

Many thanks

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