headphone work but not internal speakers on dell inspiron 6000

hi,  i have a dell inspiron 6000, rite now its out of warranty. the internal speakers on m y laptop dont work normally. what i mean by nor mally is if i plug in my head phones half way thru and fiddle around a little then my internal speaker seems to work, funny huh. and i need to keep it that way if i want it to work. the headphones work perfectly if i plug it up completely.. i even opened up my laptop to check for loose connections but could not find any. i just want to know if there is something i am missing out pls help me out. thanx
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Sounds like a fault within the jack socket it's self, the connections might be touching inside but when inserting the headphones it seperates them to make the connection to the jack plug. If this is the case then you can try fixing it or you should be able to get a replacement socket from somewhere like maplins if you can use a soldering iron.
Ashwin_shastryAuthor Commented:
thanx for the reply. i dont think there are nay maplins here in us. is there any other store in the us where i can get this or get it done at the store itself
lol, any electronics shop, there are plenty in the us, think tandy is one if they still exist, but check the connector first.
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