Data recovery from healthy hard disk

I now have a hard disk (acting as a slave) that no longer will show its partitions when the explorer tree is opened. When the disk management area is opened it is showing just one large petition of 80GB (there should be three) which is the size of the disk. It is also saying that the disk is healthy. I need to recover files on this disk.
Given this information does anyone know of a program that is suited for this task.
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Darwinian999Connect With a Mentor Commented:
A couple of good programs for doing this are GetBackData ( and File Scavenger (
I have used couple of times the GetDataBack and it work perfect but make sure to use the right utility i.e. depending on ur slave HD file system FAT or NTFS
kempvetAuthor Commented:
I have tried the GetDataBack and it appears to work, the only problem is that in all cases the directory where the outlook express mail data should be are always empty. Does this mean that these files are lost forever. It seems strange that they could be not able to be recovered, it is something to do with the .dbx format, perhaps it is time to read the help file and perhaps the mail files have to be searched as lost files.
kempvetAuthor Commented:
The GetBackData appears to have found all the files - appears to do the job well and would recommend it to any one (appears that I had to check the lost files section at Step 1)
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