Exchange 2k3. Should I "allow all computers to successfully authenticate to replay, regardless.."?

Under Default SMTP Virtual Server Properties-> Access->relay tab....

I don't see any reason to allow this as it is supposedly a risk for spam correct?  Why might I want to relay?  We only have one exchange server in our environment if that means anything.  I am not quite sure what relaying means.  Any help?

On the subject of spam, do you rely on the exchange server or do most of you use a 3rd party vendor like symantec or macafee for spam and virus protection?Thx.
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SembeeConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I turn that option off unless there are any Outlook Express users.
Even then I will disable the option and then use a group to secure the option.

As for spam solutions, this comes up very frequently, search the PAQ, it has been covered in depth in the last couple of weeks.
The basic advise I give though is to use the evals. Different companies get different types of spam. Plus some spam filters will block too much legitimate email. You will need to try different ones. Don't go by price or name. For some, IMF is fine. For others they have to get something bespoke.

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