What's the solution of printing barcode by using pl/sql,java,java script or oracle report?

Hi experts,

   I'd like to print barcode into the delivery form that's already used. Server is UNIX and use pl/sql and javascript to make web. Any way to print barcode by using pl/sql,javascript or oracle report or any idea? Where can I find some good barcode fonts?

   Thank you very much. :)
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soundguymikeConnect With a Mentor Commented:
just use a barcode font you can download some here http://www.barcodesinc.com/free-barcode-font/

keep in mind not all barcode readers can read all barcodes. there are many diffrent codes used.
code 39 and code 128 are the most common that ive found and most readers can read them.

Best of luck
I had a library program before which uses barcode technology. It was just a simple font conversion. The uniques codes (alphanumeric) can be converted to a barcode font. We bought a barcode reader that can reader that can read standard barcodes.  
DeepDanConnect With a Mentor Commented:
its very simple as the guys already mentioned

1-download the barcode font (first see wich font your reader reads)
2-double click on it to install it on the PC
3-set the font of the field or the textbox or the label to that font

dont forget to include the font in the setup of your application in case your gona install it on the client's machine
Also be aware that some barcode fonts only print certain alphanumerics. Some fonts don't allow for lower case alphas, so that all your text must be converted to upper case.
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