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Can not copy files in windows 2000 recieve access denied

I have a windows 2000 server and log in with administrator rights , within a shared folder (public) everybody has read and write access. But when I try to copy folders i get a message saying "access denied" in copying certain folders.  And a little confused why I'm not getting this message since I'm logged in as administrator.  

So this is what i tried,  I looked to see if there were any open sessions to see if they are any network users using this file and there are none.

So i looked at the permissions on the root folder called Public and it says I have full ownership of the folder.  I did not re initialize the take ownership to propogate ownership to the "child directories"  due to there are permissions i need to enforce since the server is still working in production and trying to migrate from an old 2000 server to 2003 Server (SBS Premium edition).  

What worked but is not really reasonable is ran ntbackup and selected the folder to backup data but it's too much data and take too long.  It's about 83 Gigs of data I'm trying to copy, I can if need be go through and get it down but I rather copy the data first and then worry about deleting the data I don't need later.

Thanks in Advance

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hi there, you need to check both the share permissions and also the NTFS permissions on each of the directories that are giving you an access denied error. the NTFS permissions can be checked in the 'Security' tab of each folder. As share and NTFS permissions are accumulitive, it is possible that there is a permission on one of the directories blocking you access. You can also check the directories for any user accounts that the system cannot resolve or that don't have a Security identifier(SID) associated with it. if you come across any of these accounts (they will usually have a question mark beside the user account GUID), then delete them from the directory permissions as i've seen in the past where these have caused similar problems.
Steve KnightIT ConsultancyCommented:
If only certain folders are "Access Denied" then it should not be share pemissions at fault, especially if you are logged onto the server console anyway ?

If you check the security showing on the specific directory having problems using explorer it potentially doesn't have access for the admin groups -- maybe those rights have been taken away or the permissions are "copied" in order to adjust higher level properties and therefore you aren't listed for some reason.

Another option to check the permissions is use CACLS

cd \directoryname
cacls .

BTW if you are migrating data to a new server I would suggest using robocopy or xcopy with switches like these:

xcopy /d/o/k/y/r/s/e

to copy newer files, permissions, owners, attributes, overwrite all, read only files and all subdirs.  Run one copy in advance, create all your shares etc. on the new server and get login script changes ready etc. then when ready to migrate do one final xcopy as above and it will just copy what has changed :-)

Try making yourself a Backup Operator on the server or run a command prompt up as SYSTEM using runas or and AT command perhaps

at (time now + a bit) /interactive cmd.exe

then use that to do the xcopy / robocopy.

julianarmanAuthor Commented:
thanks guys i will try these suggestions , i've got pulled away dealing with some mail problems in the past couple of days ....
Steve KnightIT ConsultancyCommented:
Accept dragon-it would be good.  Happy with split...
happy with split also!

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