Sending Smartform for PO Change as an email ??

Hi ,

Whenever a PO is changed I need to send an email to the vendor .
For this i went by creating an output type and assigning it to the PO message control but somehow it is not working when a PO is changed?

Please let me know :
How to send an email for PO whenever it is changed?
What are the steps to follow to achieve the same? Does SCOT transaction also needs to be set ?

Thank you
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you need to set the "External Send" (5) transmission type on the Output type and the Condition record.
You also need to have SAPConnect set up in SCOT to actually pass them on.

Is the ouput record being created ?
shills_2005Author Commented:
Yes the output type and condition record are created .
What settings i need to do in SCOT to make it work for the Output type ?

The output type also needs to have a "Communication Strategy" assigned.
You can assign this in the Default Values tab on the output type.
The communicaiton strategy needs to include INT for email.

IN SCOT - you need an INT node which is assigned to the SAPConnect node for your Exchange server / Lotus notes or whatever your email server is.

In this node you also need to set the formats that you want to send - if you set the SapScript / SmartForms to PDF - it will automatically convert your smartform and create the attachement on the email.

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after changing PO you must Goto->Messages and click Repeat output
on previously processed mesaage (eg. NEU .... 7 Mail).
You can try to modify configuration in SPRO - Material Management ->
Purchasing -> Messages -> Output Control -> Message Types -> Define Message
Types for Purchasing Orders -> Maintain Message Types for PO (program SAPLWMC1)
then for your message type assign (in Default Values tab) dispatch time - in your
scenario - 4 Send immediately when saving the application.


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one more thing you can check - in Material Ma..-> ...-> Maintain Mess...
for your output type (in my scenario NEU) in firt tab "General data" should
be Multiple issuing checked which indicates whether the same output
may be issued to the same partner more than once eg. after changing PO.

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