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Modifying MS Word Header/Footer

Hi all,

I'm playing out a report, from MS Access, to MS Word, using Docmd.OutputTo as RTF.

Is it possible, and if so how can i then modifiy that file to have headers and footers on each page, when opened in MS Word?

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1 Solution
Not sure, the only way I could think of is

1. Create headers/footers in your report and try it that way
2. Try using a template file in your DoCmd.OutputTo

I guess u can ignore 2 now that its not applicable to rtf
I wonder once u created the document, is to use Word Automation to open the generated RTF then add in your headers/footers?


'You have to add the Microsoft Word Object Library as a reference  (Tools/References)
Or u can define and create as object

        Dim m_objWordInstance As new Word.Application
        Dim m_objWordDoc As new Word.Document


        Dim m_objWordInstance As Object
        Dim m_objWordDoc As Object

        set m_objWordInstance = CreateObject("Word.Application")

How to open a doc

        m_objWordInstance.Documents.Open sFile            'sFile is your fully pathed filename
        Set m_objWordDoc = m_objWordInstance.ActiveDocument

saving document

        m_objWordDoc.SaveAs sSaveAsName

What I suggest is u go into Word, start recording a macro
then create a basic header and footer
then take that generated VBA code and apply it here

set tracking on
m_objWordDoc.TrackRevisions = True

replace word
        m_objWordDoc.Content.Find.Execute Findtext:=sFromWord, _
                                          ReplaceWith:=sToWord, _
                                          Replace:=Word.WdReplace.wdReplaceAll, _

So whatever the code generated is, u use m_objWordDoc

here is sample code that opens up a word doc, which does not have any headers/footers
then adds some, saves it as a different name

Public Sub CreateHeaderFooter()

    Dim objWordInstance As Object
    Dim objWordDoc As Object
    Dim x As New Word.Document
    'Open Word
    Set objWordInstance = CreateObject("Word.Application")
    'Open file
    objWordInstance.Documents.Open "C:\EE\Word Auto\MyDoc.doc"
    Set objWordDoc = objWordInstance.ActiveDocument
    'Create Header and Footer
    If objWordDoc.ActiveWindow.View.SplitSpecial <> wdPaneNone Then
    End If
    If objWordDoc.ActiveWindow.ActivePane.View.Type = wdNormalView Or objWordDoc.ActiveWindow.ActivePane.View.Type = wdOutlineView Then
        objWordDoc.ActiveWindow.ActivePane.View.Type = wdPrintView
    End If
    objWordDoc.ActiveWindow.ActivePane.View.SeekView = wdSeekCurrentPageHeader
    objWordDoc.ActiveWindow.Selection.TypeText Text:="this is a header"
    objWordDoc.ActiveWindow.ActivePane.LargeScroll Down:=1
    objWordDoc.ActiveWindow.ActivePane.LargeScroll Down:=1
    If objWordDoc.ActiveWindow.Selection.HeaderFooter.IsHeader = True Then
        objWordDoc.ActiveWindow.ActivePane.View.SeekView = wdSeekCurrentPageFooter
        objWordDoc.ActiveWindow.ActivePane.View.SeekView = wdSeekCurrentPageHeader
    End If
    objWordDoc.ActiveWindow.Selection.TypeText Text:="this is the footer  "
    objWordDoc.ActiveWindow.ActivePane.View.SeekView = wdSeekMainDocument

    objWordDoc.SaveAs "C:\EE\Word Auto\MyDocCopy.doc"
    Set objWordDoc = Nothing
    Set objWordInstance = Nothing
End Sub

Like I said to u, create macro in word then look at code generated, prefix it with objWordDoc in MSAccess
with Selection, I had to do objWordDoc.ActiveWindow


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