Pagefile.csp safe to delete?

Hi everyone,

I read about both pagefile.sys and hiberfil.sys. I'm low on diskspace, so I deleted the hiberfil.sys file (by disabling hibernation), but didn't touch pagefile.sys. Then I saw that there is another file there, which is slightly bigger than pagefile.sys, called pagefile.csp. I tried Googling it up, but only 2 results come up, both in German I think.

Can I safely delete it, is there anything I should know about it?

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kcarrimConnect With a Mentor Commented:
csp: Cryptographic Service Provider

You should disable the pagefile > System Properties-> Advanced-> Performance-> Advanced-> Change and select No paging file. Restart the system then delete the pagefile, go back to > System Properties-> Advanced-> Performance-> Advanced-> Change and set to System Managed Size

Windows pagefile can be deleted, if required, when the computer is switched off. Modify the following > Control Panel > Administrative tools > Local Security Policy > Local Policies > Security Options > Shutdown: Clear virtual memory pagefile > Enable
MereteConnect With a Mentor Commented:
If in doubt dont touch I always say.
The Windows XP Page File

couple more ideas of my own to clean up space:
r/click my computer properties system restore? if it is monitoring you can see the settings reduce this 1% or simply switch it off.
Using the disc cleanup utility start all programs accessories system tools, start it first, once it done calculating using the more options/remove all but the most restore points.
Delete the contents of the temp foler usualy found in C docs and setinsg user account, it is hidden probably so using folder options show all hidden files etc.
If you  drive is a slave from now whenever you install NON windows programs it asks you where to save them, choose f drive and then allow shortcuts on the desktop.
I use this technique.
Have a slaved hdd for everything.
Uninstall your games or try copying the entire folder over to F drive look inside the game for the .exe create a shortcut to it inside this game cut that out and paste onto C drive desktop, run it and see if it works if it does uninstall the game from c drive you wont need it. More space freed.

Go to add remove programs and remove old updates for drivers.Old programs.
That is why it is good to uninstall them sometimes and delete all the old updates then re-install with the latest.
Nvidia cards drivers can be huge.

Internet Explorer and other browsers cache Web pages you've accessed. To limit the size of this cache, right-click the Internet Explorer icon and choose Properties. On the General tab, click the Settings button under 'Temporary Internet files'. Decrease the 'Amount of disk space to use' value. such as 200 megs should be suffcient.

Tool for flushing the Prefetch log and controlling the Prefetch Parameters.

Then defrag all the drives.
urzicaAuthor Commented:
Thanks, I did almost all the things you said even before my question, except for the removal of old restore points which I did now. Thanks for the advice about the file I didn't know about, but my question is only about the specific file.. if it is necessary, since it's not the regular pagefile.sys, but pagefile.csp.

I'd still like some info about the file, or at least if it is safe to remove it.

Thanks again.
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urzicaAuthor Commented:
Thanks kcarrim, but should I really disable the pagefile and delete it?
You cannot delete the pagefile while it is in use ;o)
MereteConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Pagefile.csp  I think it is>> Cryptographic Service Provider windows NT
Cryptographic Service Provider #11

thank you urzica  lol didnt see kcarrim  comment too busy looking for a solution for you, this happens by the time we post our suggestion someone else has already commented.
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