How to turn off broadband router?

I have Linksys wireless-G broadband router, I want to turn it off wireless portion to prevent piggybacking?
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callrsConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Click this

Scroll down to where "disable wireless" is highlighted.

THAT will help 100%. But disconnecting the antennas is not 100%.  : )

Now if your router setup doesn't match the picture there, then either search through the router setup itself, or get help by reading the manual:
To get manual: get model # of your router (should be stamped on the router), then Google for this: <model#> manual

OK that should find you the manual, or you can go to --> Support --> Downloads --->etc.

So read through the manual, or look in the index or table of contents, for "disable wireless"
A lot of them have the option in the config to turn off wireless.  If all else fails, unplug the antennas.
many wireless routers  have internal antennas, or leak enogh rf to work with the external antenna unplugged.
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jaws1021Author Commented:
so you guys saying unplug the antennas would help %100?
And disconnecting the antennas means that they may well get lost. Why remove them when there's a software way to do it? : )

Now, if only there was a software way to send a signal to the router to auto turn it off & then back on after 30 seconds! lol. I keep having to physically do that at least once a week when my Netgear wired router fails, leaving my auto-run internet apps to complain.
Well, I said many have the option to turn off the wireless - and "if all else fails" unplug the antennas.
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