URGENT: Crystal Reports - Examples of Letters (Multipages)

I am looking for examples of form letters that run for more that one page .... ie 1 letter whose text spans say 3 pages with a smittering of fields through out the letter ...


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dougvargaConnect With a Mentor Commented:

I'm not sure I completely understand what sort of example you are looking for, but I'll give this a shot.  If this is a case where for one row of data returned from the database needs to have it's fields spread througout a form letter that will span multiple pages I would do the following:

1.) Insert an additional Details section for each page of the letter.  (You'll have details a, details b, etc.)

2.) Use text objects/database fields are required in each section

3.) Use the Section Expert to force a new page after Details a, details b, details c.  

You could also group by your recipient_ID (or simliar unique identifier) and set the group header to repear on each page in order to add a repeating page header (like Mr. Joe Smith - Page 2 etc.)

Hope this helps,
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