McAfee blocks networked computers

I hope I'm in the correct department here...

I have a desktop (dt) and a laptop (lt). Both run XP Pro with McAfee virus scan & firewall. I've recently networked them via a wireless router and they can both access the internet and share files and printers.

The problem is that in order to view dt folders from the lt, I must disable the McAfee firewall on the dt. The converse is not true (the dt can view lt folders without my having to disable lt firewall). Once I've opened a dt folder on the lt, I can then re-enable the dt firewall and continue working - it's only the initial opening that is blocked.

Can anyone help, without compromising security from outwith my office?

Or maybe I should post this question on Networking?
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javajwsConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Another thing to try is to add an IP address to the Trusted IP Addresses list:
1 Right-click the McAfee icon in the Windows system tray, point to Personal
Firewall, and select Options.
2 Click the Trusted & Banned IPs icon, then the Trusted IP Addresses tab.

You can also make all IPs on your LAN trusted.
This link might help:

Do you have the same user accounts on both XP Pro machines?
teallachAuthor Commented:
Thanks, but that's not the problem. All sharing works, it's just the disabling of the firewall that I'd prefer not to have to do.
Yes, user accounts & passwords are the same.
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If my previous response doesn't help, this one should:

teallachAuthor Commented:
this last post sounds promising... how do I find the laptop IP address?
Goto Start...Run and type in:

That should bring up a DOS prompt.  At the DOS prompt, you would type:

That will give you the IP address of the machine you are on.  If you have a wireless router, you might have DHCP which case you might get a different IP address next time.  It would be better to "Make All IPs on your LAN trusted".  But if not, this should definately work...especially if you only have a few PCs.

Best of luck!
The bottom line is....home networking folks need to understand how to use the various firewalls that claim to make their lives easier but do nothing but mess up their networks....I have no answer to these folks....except to uninstall all the stuff that claimed to make their machine the most secure machine in the known Universe...!!!!
teallachAuthor Commented:
javajws - I'll get back to you asap. It may be next week as I don't have access to the laptop until then.
The other guy, McAfee regularly catches viruses in emails so I consider it worthwhile.
teallachAuthor Commented:
Thanks javajws.

I put in the laptop IP and it works fine now.
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