We are looking into using Solaris 10 RAM DISK feature with Oracle.
Our plan is to build some of the TEMPORARY tablespaces on RAM DISK files.
Our test came out positive and the performance of SORT operations are twice as fast.

does anyone have any production experience with Solaris10 & Oracle 9 (or 10g) using RAM DISK?

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Mark GeerlingsDatabase AdministratorCommented:
On Solaris, no.  On RedHat Linux and Windows, yes.  We used RAMdisks with both Oracle9.2 on WindowsServer2003 and currently with Oracle10.1 on RedHat LinuxAS4.  In both systems, we placed our temporary tablespace in the RAMdisk, and we saw performance up to 10x faster for some reports and large PL\SQL processes that use lots of temp tablespace area.  On Windows, we needed third-party software (from www.superspeed.com) to support a RAMdisk, since the O/S does not provide this natively.  Linux offers native support for RAMdisks, so it is easier.  I have no Solaris experience, so I don't know if Solaris supports RAMdisks natively or not.

For Oracle10.1 on Linux, I modifed the "dbora" script to save the contents of the RAMdisk to a physical disk when Oracle is shut down, and to restore the temporary tablespace files to the RAMdisk before the database is restarted.
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