how i can install norton antivirus server addation on server and how i can use it for client

hi all
how i can install norton antivirus server addation on server and how i can use it for client i have the program but how i can install it for server and client
can i install the client from server
can i scan the client from server
can i up to date the client from server

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Installation manual for version 10.1
can i install the client from server - yes you can - there's a client deployment toold built in to the administration  console
can i scan the client from server - Yes you can schedule scans at specific times or you can run a manual scan - all from the server
can i up to date the client from server - Yes so long as you choose a managed installation of the client as opposed to unmanaged - the client will pull it's av updates from the server.
If installing virus scanning on the server/clients take note of this document for real-time scanning and manual and scheduled scan file exclusions
Virus scanning recommendations for computers that are running Windows Server 2003, Windows 2000, or Windows XP;en-us;822158

If you are talking about Norton Corporate version then you can install the client from the server, and get updates from the server.  The scanning part the client does itself, then can report back to the server where the server can have a central quarantine.

As far as the server and client install goes, you have a couple options.

1)  Install the server software on the server then deploy the client install via the management console with "Remote NT Install".
2)  Use logon scripts for installation
3)  Manually install the client software on the client via the CD, or file share.

It really depends on which version of Norton (or Symantec) you have to get things installed and working correctly.  Each version comes with a manual that walks you through the install.  I just upgraded from version 8.x to 10.x and the manual and install help files came on the CD/download as a pdf file.  There is also a quick start guide which is very helpful.
nasemabdullaaAuthor Commented:
yes its  Norton Corporate version and when i put the CD i have the following option

install server
install client
deploy client xp

do you mean i install (server on server) but what i install on client and how

You have numerous options. If you're loading onto the server then "install server" - have a read of the manual first so you understand what you're doing. You can insert the cd into a client pc and install the client version directly on to the client pc - which is what the "install client" is for. The deploy client will let you install from the cd to a networked XP client.
Just As Debsyl99 said.  You can install everything (client and server) from the CD.  Other methods of installing are described in my first post.  If you want the server to set policies for the client, then you will want to install the server first and configure it to your liking, then install the client however you choose to do so.  If you install it from a file share or the CD, you will want to select the "Managed" options during the install, then point it to the server.

That's really all there is to it.  It's a basic step-by-step install.  I advise you to read the manual and other installation guides provided on the CD.  Those manuals/guides walk you through the complete installation.  It's very straight forward.

Good luck.
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