Wireless problem access to PC in Network

I am facing problem in networking through Wireless. I am able to access the network when i put the cable, but cant access through wireless. I am having netgear 108mbps router & usb dongle.

When i am on wireless, i am able to access the machine through ip address i.e. \\ip address in windows explorer. but cant able access through \\user name.

Error : The network path was not found.

I had tried:
1. IRPStackSize
2. Disable Simple TCP/IP
3. Untick AEGIS Protocol
4. Re installation of Windows XP Professional
5. Enable TCP/IP over Net BIOS
6. Windows Wireless Zero Configuration & own Netgear Wireless.

Please help it is urgent.
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Fatal_ExceptionConnect With a Mentor Commented:
"\\user name" is not the way to access the remote computer...  \\computername should do it for you..  You can also add an entry in your host file...
Irwin SantosComputer Integration SpecialistCommented:
is your router set to broadcast WIFI?
what make and model is it?
are you running default settings?
security enabled?  WPA? WEP?

post back more detail please.
Chris StauntonCommented:
What type of network?  Just WindowsXP?  You are attempting to access computers via Netbios.  You can create entries in your LMHosts file that point to the other computer or enable some type of DNS for the local network that will help with name resolution.  I'm guessing that your Wireless access point is also a router blocking the netbios traffic so that you're unable to go to machines by name.  

Wireless ----\
                                Wired Network------DNS Server

If your configuration is similar to this then adding a DNS server entry to your Wireless DHCP configuration would resolve the problem for you as well.


Thanks, CM and Jay...
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