Connecting to an Exchange GAL

Hello All

Just wondering if there is a way to set up a connection document or some other connection to an Exchange server for the purpose of viewing the exchange GAL.

We are in a mixed environment here

Some Domino/Notes Mail other Exchange


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Hi i had that setup in last job. Its very simple install on the exchange server the domino connector.

You can force a manual sync under the exchange system manager Connector dialog.

You can also create a folder under Active Directory ->USERs-RECIPIENTs-NOTES

and then set it in the dialog as the path to use when creating the note directoy names.nsf contents on exchange

and the vice versa also happens domino will create contacts/person documents to represent exchange users

e.g. Paul Murphy , Paul Murphy/Exchangedomain

General Configurations

Configure name resolution between Notes Domino and the Exchange Connector Server Prepare your Domino Environment

Register a new person with administrative rights. If your security policy requires a password for each user, create an ID file and specify the password in the connector configuration Prevent the new user from being synchronized to Active Directory Grant Depositor rights to the server mailbox ( Grant Editor rights to other Domino databases to allow Domino users to create DocLinks between documents. The Connector gives you the ability to convert them to: OLE objects, RTF attachments, or URL shortcuts Identify Exchange as foreign domain Prepare your Exchange Environment

Install and configure the Lotus Notes Client on your Exchange 2003 connector server Enable Lotus Notes Domino Proxy Addresses for your users Configure the Connector itself to collect all email from the on your Domino Server to route them in your Exchange Environment Wait for directory synchronization to occur (for emails check the windows eventlog) After this has been done you should test mail routing between both environments using test emails

imjameswAuthor Commented:
This from Domino to Exchange


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