MPXIO - VERITAS - How do you work out what device you are initalizing ???

  Hi all,

Im having diifficulty trying to work out device names within veritas, when I use MPXIO as the multipathingh software.

So, if I do a vxdisk list, I see

root@bsunc24-phys1 # stmsboot -L
Version: 1.8
non-STMS device name                  STMS device name
root@bsunc24-phys1 # format    
root@bsunc24-phys1 # vxdisk list
DEVICE       TYPE            DISK         GROUP        STATUS
Disk_0       auto:sliced     rootdg_1     rootdg       online
Disk_1       auto:sliced     swapdisk1    rootdg       online nohotuse
Disk_2       auto:sliced     u01_1        localdg01    online nohotuse
Disk_3       auto:sliced     swapmirror1  rootdg       online nohotuse
Disk_4       auto:sliced     u01_1_mirror  localdg01    online nohotuse
Disk_5       auto:sliced     rootmirror1  rootdg       online nohotuse
IBM_DS8x000_0 auto:cdsdisk    IBMlun6      c25_pgbo_dg  online
IBM_DS8x000_1 auto:cdsdisk    IBMlun0      c25_pgbo_dg  online
IBM_DS8x000_2 auto:cdsdisk    -            -            online
IBM_DS8x000_3 auto:cdsdisk    IBMlun5      c25_pgbo_dg  online
IBM_DS8x000_4 auto:cdsdisk    IBMlun1      c24_pgao_dg  online
IBM_DS8x000_5 auto:cdsdisk    IBMlun7      c25_pgbo_dg  online
IBM_DS8x000_6 auto:cdsdisk    IBMlun4      c25_pgbo_dg  online
IBM_DS8x000_7 auto:cdsdisk    IBMlun2      c24_pgao_dg  online
IBM_DS8x000_8 auto:cdsdisk    IBMlun3      c25_pgbo_dg  online
IBM_DS8x000_10 auto:none       -            -            online invalid
IBM_DS8x000_11 auto            -            -            error
IBM_DS8x000_12 auto:none       -            -            online invalid
IBM_DS8x000_13 auto:none       -            -            online invalid

But, if I then do a format, I see

  9. c8t6005076304FFC0680000000000002300d0 <IBM-2107900-.191 cyl 38398 alt 2 hd 64 sec 256>
      10. c8t6005076304FFC0680000000000002101d0 <IBM-2107900-.191 cyl 31998 alt 2 hd 64 sec 256>
      11. c8t6005076304FFC0680000000000002301d0 <IBM-2107900-.191 cyl 38398 alt 2 hd 64 sec 256>
      12. c8t6005076304FFC0680000000000002303d0 <IBM-2107900-.191 cyl 38398 alt 2 hd 64 sec 256>
      13. c8t6005076304FFC0680000000000002302d0 <IBM-2107900-.191 cyl 38398 alt 2 hd 64 sec 256>
      14. c8t6005076304FFC0680000000000002304d0 <IBM-2107900-.191 cyl 38398 alt 2 hd 64 sec 256>
      15. c8t6005076304FFC0680000000000002700d0 <IBM-2107900-.191 cyl 38398 alt 2 hd 64 sec 256>
      16. c8t6005076304FFC0680000000000003501d0 <IBM-2107900-.191 cyl 1090 alt 2 hd 30 sec 64>
      17. c8t6005076304FFC0680000000000003500d0 <IBM-2107900-.191 cyl 12798 alt 2 hd 64 sec 256>
      18. c8t6005076304FFC0680000000000002900d0 <IBM-2107900-.191 cyl 38398 alt 2 hd 64 sec 256>
      19. c8t6005076304FFC0680000000000002100d0 <IBM-2107900-.191 cyl 31998 alt 2 hd 64 sec 256>
I cant work out what disk in format, relates to the device in the veritas disk list ??

Any help ? ideas ? or how does one work out the devie names ??  Im used to seeing c4t40d0 notation.


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SBK1972_ukAuthor Commented:
No worries all.

vxdisk list [device], this will show the device details, in its ever so easy to work out 20 odd character representation.

luxadm probe, shows devices

All sorted.


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