Web Access 6 Template for PDA's

I recently started switching a few users to the Web Access 6 template so that people could view their mail, calendar, to do's and contacts from any browser. Is there a template so that a PDA with a browser can access this page? I can use my Treo 650 and go to my Yahoo mail (just to test... I normally use Snappermail) and Hotmail from Blazer. If I try to go to my Notes Webmail then I get a page is too large to be displayed error.

Is there a mail template for PDA access?
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You know I can be wrong, but you physically need something that can translate to the mobile device.  So, for instance, your TREO ISP is translating, as is my Cingular provider.  


If you can manage to design a website for that is pure text and can validate the size of the pda screen, without all the other stuff that Note tries to include, then you would be doing good.

I used to text message urgent stuff to cell phones, and even a subject line message to a cell phone woul d blow the buffer because notes tries to send the entire mail header and the phone tries to display it.

At any rate, that's what the everyplace server does.  It takes the place of the pda or cellphone server.
See easy synch pro for your Treo connection to Domino:

Other say that pylon works well.

The type of access with yahoo is similar to:

Everyplace server, that has these templates that integrate with the address book and mail templates.  If I recall there was a redbook or training on how to construct these forms, too.

peerlesspumpAuthor Commented:
Sorry I should have been more specific. We use easy sync now. I was trying to find a way around easy sync or any other sync software. I just want people to be able to view their webmail on a PDA via the PDA web browser. I don't know much about web developement but I think that you can design a site to query the type of browser and if it is a PDA browser like Blazer then the screen is formatted differently. I figured this would be as simple as replacing the mailbox design with a template that had PDA "capabilities".
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