NetBeans5.0 setup or install issue: Missing project catagories.


We have installed NetBeans5.0 on a couple machines and all is fine accept for one Win 2000 workstation. We even use the same downloaded install/setup file. The problem is, after the installation we are missing some of the options when creating or updating projects.  For example, the normal catagories under Choose Project we normally have General, Web, Enterprise, NetBeans Plug-in Modules and Samples.  With the one we are having issues with we only get General, Web and Samples.  

Then normally when we select General we have the following project options, Java Application, Java Class, Library, Java Project with Existing Source and Java Project with Existing Ant Script.  With the install in question we just get one option - Java Project with Existing Ant Script.

We have uninstalled and re-installed a couple times and it still does not show all the options. We even used the exact same install file that works fine on other machines and it still does not work.

Any ideas?

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cj_1969Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Are the other installs on a Win2k workstation also?
By the sounds of it, the installation is detecting the OS and possible some services that are installed on the machine and then defaulting to installing only the components that will work in that environment.

If you have the install working on other Win2k workstations then this leads me to think it is a service/application issue.
Check what components are installed on the workstation and compare this to one that is working.  You'll probably find some that are missing which is causing the installation to only install, what appears to be, the client portion of the installation.

FYI ... the pieces that are not getting installed all appear to be "server" related.  The installation appears to think this machine is not setup/configured to handle running the server pieces.
cjferrisAuthor Commented:
We ended up using the Beta 5.5 version. I worked fine. Its weird, 4.0 and 5.5 worked fine on this box but not 5.0.  Plus we have used 5.0 on many other boxed and no problems.
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