Search/Find in a DWF viewer?

Does any such program exist where I could take a large architectural drawing (.dwf format) and be able to search for specific text located on the drawing?  For instance, I might have a drawing of 1000 office cubes, each which have their "cube number" annotated on the drawing.  Often, there is no discernible pattern of the cube numbers witihin the drawing scheme.  It would be awesome of there was some way that I could "Find" the subject and be taken directly to that spot in the dwf.   Anything?  Thanks
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To view a dwf (without a CAD program):  (this doesn't have a find feature, though I bet someday they will add it)

I think this upgraded program might have a search feature: 
You might download the trial version to see if it does what you need.

Evidently Adobe Acrobat 7 Professional can work with dwf files:

Also you can convert dwf files to PDF files:

The closest thing I found is the DWG iFilter:
Free download request:
Introducing DWG iFilter 2005, it is now possible to search through your AutoCAD drawings for content and properties, without having Autodesk products installed!
Whether you search for materials, sizes, blocks or project information, within a second you can find the right drawing in an easy way!

Seems that searching a dwf file isn't that easy to do!


You mentioned .DWF format, which is sort of like a "PDF for CAD" format. Something like this might be possible, but it would require a systematic approach by whoever is drawing the original files. The problem is, the text may not actually be text, but vector art, which can't really be searched for. I suspect this would be easier to do with DXF or DWG files.
try using this link
this will tell you everything you need to know on this format
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