Free/Busy info not shown for shared calendar in Public Folders

I am running Exchange Server 2003 and I have several shared calendars in the Public Folders. People use these for department calendars or to schedule time in the conference rooms.

My problem is that, even though the calendars have worked great, there is no free/busy information shown for those calendars. We have a new senior manager and he's making a big fuss about it.

So, my problem is two-fold: I need to have shared calendars that show the free/busy info and, if I need to recreate the calendars, I need to be able to transfer the schedules from the old calendars to the new ones.

I've done a lot of research on this issue and, so far, all that I've seen talks about resource mailboxes using the Auto Accept Agent. The problem with this is that the mailbox would reside in the MBX store, not the Public store and I wouldn't be able to share it without adding it to everyone's profile.

I need them to be easily and quickly available or no one would use them.
Brian LongworthSystem EngineerAsked:
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The following might help

Public folders set up as calendars do not publish Free/Busy information
Have a look at this:

This is a Team Calendar Sample application, a public web-site, which collect calendar information from different users together. If you have only a few users, it's a good solution, but not really intended for a large number of users (within one calendar)

It works with all versions of Outlook.
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