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ASP Javascript/VBScript

Hello Experts,

I really need your help on this matter.

Let me try to explain the whole situation so you get the idea of what I'm trying todo:
I have two asp pages, Registration.asp and Confirmation.asp.
 On Registration.asp I have check boxes for days they want
to register for and one hidden field for total amount (x_Amount).
The caculation scripts (JavaScript) is being done on this page, Registration.asp. It is working.
I'm using Response.Redirect method to post information on Confirm.asp
Response.Redirect ("Confirm.asp?CRThursday="&Request("CRThursday")& "&CRFriday="&Request("CRFriday").
An I'm using Request.QueryString on Confirm.asp to post the data. This part is  also working.  

I'm also doing and e-mail confirmation, my e-mail scripts (vbscript) is also on Registration.asp page.
Everything seems to be working, directs to Confirmation.asp along with all the information
they entered, and sends e-mail, but the problem/guestion is:  it doens't give me the total amount, "x_Amount".

I tested it with Post method and set Action to Confirmation.asp, it works; it posts  data give me
the total amount due.  I can not use this method otherwise my e-mail part won't work.

Anyone has any ideas? I greatly appriciate any help I can get

This is an example of  Registraiton.asp
E-mailing scripts...
Everyhting successful direct to this page......

Response.Redirect ("Confirm.asp?CRThursday="&Request("CRThursday")& "&x_Amount="&Request("x_Amount").

<script language="javascript">

my calcuation is done here
<input type="SUBMIT" name="Send" value="Submit" onClick="CheckRegisration()">
This is what the code looks like on Confir.asp

script to post data to Access Database using Request.QueryString("Name")

1 Solution
Carl TawnSystems and Integration DeveloperCommented:
How are you currently posting your checkbox values to Registration.asp ? If your checkboxes and x_Amount are all on the same page then they should all be getting posted together, if not then i'm a little confused as to what it is you are doing.
lazzydogAuthor Commented:
Never mine...I got it.  
You should post the solution that you used for others whom may have this same problem.
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lazzydogAuthor Commented:
The problem was that I had Request.From(x_Amount) and it should be Request.QueryString(x_Amount).

You may go here:

to request that the moderators PAQ this question and refund your point, in that you solved the problem yourself.  :-)

Peace and joy.  mvan
lazzydogAuthor Commented:
Thanks mvan01.
Closed, 500 points refunded.
Community Support Moderator
replacement part #xm34
You are welcome, lazzydog.

Peace and joy.  mvan

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