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Windows XP x64 Professional Boot Problems

Asus A8N - SLI Deluxe - Bios 1016
EVGA 7900GTX 512mb
4 x 512mb ram OCZ
74GB raptors RAID 0 on Nvidia Controller (nForce4;nvraid)
4 x 400gb WD400YR RAID 5 (Silicon 3114 Controller) (*had*)
650W Enermax PSU

I have used nLite to intergrate my Drivers into my xp x64 disk. I have tried several different versions of the sataraid drivers. 6.65 6.66, others. The 6.65 and 6.66 are the drivers posted on the ASUS web site for my board. For some odd reason either of my floppy drives will read my floppy disks. 2 differ floppy drives, 2 differ floppy cables, and 2 differ power leads I have tried (Nothing works).

Windows boots off the disk the first time fine... I format, it puts the files on the disk... and reboots, this is where i have the problem. I get this message EVERYTIME!!!!!

Windows could not start because of a computer disk hardware configuration problem.
Could not read from the selected boot disk. Check boot path and disk hardware.
Please check the Windows documentation about hardware disk configuration and your hardware reference manuals for additional information.

I have went to support.microsoft.com (kb # 314477) and pulled up the reference to this problem. I have went through all the steps that tells me... and nothing good has happened!! I have rebuild the boot.ini (bootcfg /rebuild), run chkdsk, fixboot. I am pretty much tapped out of ideas!!! I have not even completed the full install of XP.

This pisses me off so bad.... it seems when something bad happens it all happens at the same f'in time!! My raid 5 (1.1tb of data; silicon 3114 controller) fails, and silicon has no documentation on how to recover, and asus/silicon tech support is the epitome of worthless. Then my existing install of windows xp 32bit failed, after i tried to install some chipset drivers, for a different revision of an nForce4 controller. That killed it completly! No safe mode, no recovery console would work, no BartPE, no ERD commander would work!!! So now i want to re-install windows, and take an upgrade to XP x64, and i get this.... bahhhhh!

Also... I did put a single hdd in my computer and installed XP 32bit, to backup my data from my RAid 0 (the failed windows partion) using my nforce 4 sata controller (not in raid; just single drive). I managed to get the data i needed. The raid did not appear to be crippled in anyway, transfers were fast and steady.
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pish180Author Commented:
Well i have been running some more tests this is what i have come up with....

Western Digital LifeGuard Bootable CD Utility Scan (Extended; FULL MEDIA SCAN) = NO ERRORS on either drive (BOTH 74GB raptors)

I could successfully install windows xp x64 on the 1st hdd (not in RAID config). PORT 1 of the nForce4 Controller.
I could NOT install windows xp x64 on the 2nd hdd (not in RAID config). PORT 2 of the nForce Controller. I had tried 4 times with the same XP disc, and the same error message I was getting before.  I tried again today, and it installed fine.  So this is an extremely finicky OS or Hardware! I thought i would be daring and try to set the raid backup, Same Problem.

From the sounds of it... This mobo is taking a crap.  Guess i will have to buy a new 1.  
pish180Author Commented:
ok... well i turned off the RAID 5 controller (silicon 3114) and tryed to install x64 again... and it worked like a charm!!  Must be something wrong with the board... time to order a new 1 for sure now.
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