Server Management Issues

After installing all 6 discs of the SBS 03 setup, I went to the start page and when I went to click on server management, it says that location may have been moved or changed and it  can't locate it.  Obviously the server management makes life a whole lot easier for a novice.  What can I do to either re-install it or find it?

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Everyone needs server management on SBS as it delivers the necessary wizards.  It can be installed through Add Remove program - Change or Remove Programs - Windows SBS 2003 - Server Tools
But I would consider its absence as a sign for a flawed installation and start all over again. So re-install.
Jeffrey Kane - TechSoEasyPrincipal ConsultantCommented:
Well, the fact that you installed SIX disks is the first part of your problem because you shouldn't install the premium technologies until you have a stable SBS environment.

Please see for the complete how-to for installation and configuraiton.

You will need to completely reinstall at this point.

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