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Placing information from multiple tables into a printed layout wihout using portals

I have one table that holds all orders. I have another table that holds items the person bought. I have another table that shows what the person paid.

How do I create a receipt (layout) that is based on the orders table and list all the purchased items and the payments below that?

I don't want to do this using portals- this is for printing and needs to hold infinite amounts of information.
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1st, portals can be shrinked, so you can use a big one which can automatically shrink if not fully used, but I agree, it is not handy.
My way to handle this kind of thing is to concatenate all the data I need from related records (items here) into a text field of the order at print time.
to do that, I goto related records, goto to 1st record, store all fields I need from this record in a variable,
goto next record, then do the same by defining $variable = $variable & [return] & [2nd record data...]
etc... untill last related record.
then to avoid the field to be broken at the bottom of the page, since you must make it bigger than a page, I use a merge field instead.
Let me know of you'd like an example
macfundiAuthor Commented:
Can you send me an example?
its is made for 3 pages max, but can be extended to n pages.
waiting for yr comments if any.

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