Tape Backup fails after backing up 28 gig comes up with a SCSI error and can't find media.

This is what I have, I have a Exabyte 1X7 Magnum (2U) tape system which is brand new, I was using a HP Storage Works Ultrium tape drive which worked fine but had to keep swapping tapes to do the job, both machines are able to handle LTO2 tapes which I have. I am using a brand new SCSI cable just purchased and my SCSI adapter is a Adaptec SCSI 39160/3960D-Ultra 160 SCSI I have my tape system setup this way, on the Exabyte tape backup system I have it terminated with a terminator, plugged into one of the SCSI ports on the tape backup machine and the other end plugged into the server which is running Windows 2003 SP1 I have my HP StorageWorks plugged into the other SCSI adapter on the back of the server.  I am using BrightStor ARCserver Backup for Windows, In device manager I have the tape machines both disabled. Which was the recommendation from Arcserve. ARCserve can see both devices in the device manager and the Exabyte shows 7 slots for all my tapes and does see them fine. The problem is when I run a back up it gets to about 28 gig and then fails this is the error message I am getting:
1. E6304              05/31/2006 11:14:03 AM                   Unexpected SCSI Sense Code ==> JobID[670], Device[2], ABSL[3 0 5 0], SN[1210046385], CMD[ah], [Data Phase Error], ASC[4b], ASCQ[00]

2 .E3719              05/31/2006 11:14:05 AM 670      11       Unable to write to media. (MEDIA=WEDNESDAY [S/N: A00002], EC=COMMAND ABORTED)

3. W6910              05/31/2006 11:14:35 AM                   The tape drive has a problem with the host interface: 1. Check the cables and cable connections. 2. Restart the operation.

Then the tape comes up with a error tape job failed........!!!!! AHHHHHHHHHH

I have been talking with Adaptec and Exabyte and Arcserve and no one can tell me why this is happening, if some one can help me out I would appreciate it and give the maxium amount of point to award.... 500....PLEASE HELP I AM IN DESPERATE NEED.

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themusicloverConnect With a Mentor Commented:
here is a few steps:

make sure the cable is not a converter cable.
make sure you have the latest bios and drivers for the adapter
keep the sync transfer speed fixed at minimum(40 mbps)
make sure none of the other backup software services are running.

try running the backup again...i'm sure you have compatible tapes with this.

IPKON_NetworksConnect With a Mentor Commented:
This would appear at first glance to be an issue with transfer rates and conversations between the device and the controller. I suspect the following would help clear up or at least narrow down the issue.

1. Update firmware on controller, chassis and drive in that order.
2. Check version of software for patches (although this is one for the vendor to stop them pushing you back quickly without an answer)
3. Ensure that the drives, and SCSI interfaces at both ends are set up to talk at the same speed.
4. Turn off cache on the controller to see if this helps. It will slow things down but start there.
5. Slow down transfer rates to run at 80MB/s or even lower and see if this works. If so, then increase up in steps until you fail. This would indicate a mismatch in firmware, cable problem or connector problem (on one of the devices).

Have you tried duing a backup from another software client (such as NTBACKUP if you don't have anything else)? This would indicate if the issue lies with Arcserve or elsewhere.

As with all these things, it is a matter of going through all the steps and eliminating possibles to find to probable.

Hope this helps
What version of ARCserve is being used?

Go to the ARCserve Log directory and check the tape.log file for the same time the error happens for more details on it.

Go to Control Panel, open HP Management Agents, look for SCSI Information in the left window, select and click remove to move it to the right window.

Leave the library and tape drive disabled from within the OS Device Manager.

Are there any errors on the LDC panel for the library?
Are there any errors in the Event Viewer System log at the time of the error?
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Gerald ConnollyCommented:
Are you sure you have the correct termination? Remember SCSI is a bus and needs a terminator at each end. Some Adapters have onboard termination (and some can turn it off under software control) and drives are the same.

You should also check that you do not have too much termination as well.

cjlocyAuthor Commented:
I was able to get it fixed by lowering the adaptec card to 40mbps and also updating the software from 11.1r to 11.5r I believe updating the software fixed the problem.

Thank you all for your help.
The sync transfer speed idea was the best! I had a newer tape drive that smoked at 160MB/s but my ARCServe software much preferred 10MB. Thanks.
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