Change IP Address on TS server

I have a terminal services server whith a static ip address within the network, and a different ip address used
by terminal services remote users.  Comcast will be changing our ip address tonight and I need to know how
to change it on the server.  I did this once a long time ago via command line, and I remember it was very simple,
but I don't remember what the commands were.  I need to figure this out tonight or our remote users will be
screaming all morning.  Help!
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Hi RVicente99,

why would comcast be touching your internal address?
agree with Jay

Usually you would need to change nothing on the server, and would need to tell the remote users the new address.
RVicente99Author Commented:
They're not changing the static ip I set up for the nic card on the server...
They're changing the leased ip address used by terminal services.  Last time they did this, I used a command line command to change it on the server.  It's some sort of alternate ip address.
RVicente99Author Commented:
Never mind... I got it.  It's the altaddr command.  I use this change the alternate address for
Citrix Metaframe running on the Terminal Services server.
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