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RDP Clients cannot connect drives but Terminal Server Group policy objects missing

RDP clients cannot connect local disk drives.
I have two servers only and they are both acting as domain replicas and global catalog servers.
First is a Windows 2000 SBS and the second is a Terminal Server configured also as a domain controller.
All is, and has been working well for remote connectivity until I now need to allow a remote user to have access to their local drives. "Automatic Printer Mapping" from remote sessions works, but "Connect Client Drives at logon" and "Drive Mapping" is greyed out in the Terminal Server's RDP configuration manager on the "Client Settings" tab. (As is audio mapping which is fine with me.) So, I can't uncheck it.

The local computer policy of the Terminal Server has NO Terminal server settings at all in it. So I cannot see where or how to set anything there. All the relevant registry settings in the terminal server seem correct but I beive are being over-ridden by group policy.

I assume this is because a group policy somewhere is set this way. I can log in to the domain controller and open the default domain policy. Under Computer,Administrator Templates, Windows Components,Terminal server, Client/Server Data Redirection, I have set the "Do not allow drive redirection" to DISABLE (meaning drive redirection should be possible in all cases.) Ran secedit /refreshpolicy /machine_policy and it looked good in the log. No other unusual events in my logs. Still doesn't work - client drives cannot connect, despite the client end having the "Local Drives" checked under local resources..

Where should I be looking?
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Is the terminal server also Windows 2000? TS in windows 2000 doesn't do client drive mappings, that was introduced with Windows 2003/XP.
ChrisHelveyAuthor Commented:
Yes, it is Windows 2000 Server. I didn't know that. All the looking in the world isn't going to fix this!
Just thought I'd ask :)

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