Device Client Access licenses

I have windows 2003 server running terminal service. I never purchased any licenses because I thought it came with 5 . Now my licenses has expired.
 I have purchased 5 device client access licenses and am trying to install them. However when I go to administrative tools\ terminal server licenseing and then try to add them I'm not sure what kind of Licene program I should use. I bought them on the internet from a company called royaldiscount. There is a tracking number on the microsoft label but it is a 14 digit number.
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I always select other.  You can't go wrong by always selecting none of the above on any test question.  
Did you by Tcals or just cals.  2003 server does come with 5 client access licenses buit in.  But it doesn't come with terminal server licenses.  

You should only need terminal server cals if you are trying to connect with anything less than xp pro.  If you are using XP Pro you just need to make sure the terminal server licensing is activated.
Hi whiwex,

just install them as per user if you have users accessing
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