FSMO moving from one server to another

I have a one, simple domain with 4 DCs (2 older 2003 DCs and two brand new DCs). I am trying to moving the role of DC from the old hardware to the two new servers with new hardware. I have all four 2003 servers up and operating as DCs. But from what I understand the one older DC (let's call it DC1) handles the FSMO role. If I want to eventually demote DC1 as a domain controller and reformat the HDDs, I need to make one of the new DC servers handle the FSMP role? How do I do that? Are there any other considerations or any other things that need to be migrated to the new server?
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This will help you:


Don't forget to make another DC a Global Catalog.  This is on the properties of NTDS Settings on one of the servers in AD Sites and Services.

There isn't much to it really.

DCPROMO the old servers out cleanly, then cleanup DNS and AD Sites and Services.

Hi Kjohnsting,

i dont want any points, this is just another easy guide to add to NM answer
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