Repairing LinkSys BEFSR41

I had the above connected to a WebStar cable modem and by cloning the MAC of one of the workstations to the LinkSys, it worked fine for my small network. Then recently I started having the connection to the Internet get extremely slow and start momentarily disconnecting bad enough that AIM for example would be popping up on my screen every couple of minutes because it had been disconnected. I removed the LS and connected one computer to the cable modem, and everything worked fine. I tried running a continuous ping through the LS and every minute or there would be 4 failed pings in a row. I swapped the LS for a new one, and the problem seems to be cured, but I'd like to fix the original since it was only about a year old (My first one lasted something like 4 years before it bit the dust).

Has anyone had experiece in how to go about troubleshooting the LS itself, as in testing it?

RW Wood
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Don JohnstonInstructorCommented:
Other than upgrading the firmware, there's not much you can do. The warranty on that model is 1 year. If it's not the firmware and it's over 1 year old, it'll cost more to fix than buying a new one.
Could be a bad wall cube, or a bad capacitor inside the linksys.
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