I have XP pc and a 98 pc.  I bought a Gigafast router and have hooked up my DSL to the router, and to the two computers.  What do I have to do so that I can share files and the printer (attached via USB to one of the PCs) between each PC?
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both must be members of the same workgroup

1) right click - my computer - click prop's - click computer name tab - click change button - select workgroup
 - enter workgroup name like "theden" - click ok
2) right click network icon in systray by time (or control panel - network connections - local area connection)
 - click status - click properties button - scroll down in the box & select tcp/ip - click properties button
 - click advanced button - click wins tab - select enable netbios of tcp/ip - click ok all the way out (last one click close)
3) click start - control panel - folder options - view tab - scroll to bottom of advanced settings box & check use
 simple file sharing - click ok

98 -
1) right click network neighborhood - click prop's - click identification tab - enter workgroup "theden" - <step2>
2) -- click configuration tab - at the top make sure the client microsoft networks is there (if not click to add
 - select client - click add - select micrsoft - select the client for ms netwks - click ok) - then scroll down &
 select tcp/ip for your network card - click prop's - click netbios tab - make sure enable netbios over tcp/ip is
 checked - click ok (will reboot)

on both the laptop & the desktop, open windows explorer, right click a folder to share, click sharing, & enter the share name
xp - click permissions - select everyone - check full control
98 - for access type select full - enter in full access password (will need this when you try to connect from another system)
Just so you are clear you do not need a router to share files and printers on a network.  The router is just used to share internet access and provide some protection against while connected to the internet.  File and print sharing just need a switch to connect the devices together on the network.  

Both computers need to be in the same workgroup,  both computers need to login with the same user name and password.  You need to enable file and print sharing on both computers.  

If you need step by step instructions let me know and I will take some time to do so.  
Erik BjersPrincipal Systems AdministratorCommented:
You can try runing the home network wizard in XP.  This will setup the XP for file and print sharing and should either create a config disk or instructions on configing your 98 WS

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LEECHIPTURNERAuthor Commented:
Thanks, Centrepc, I fear I need the step by step.  Any help would be appreciated.
First step would be to make sure both PCs can ping eact other.

For this both should have IP addresses in same subnet. e.g First Pc have, Second would have

Now make sure firewall is disabled on WinXP machine. Goto network cards properties--> Advanced Tab-->Windows Firewall.

Now if you are able to ping each other.

Now all needs to be done is to share your USB disk on one PC.

The from other PC goto Start--->Run--->\\Machine_IP\Sharename.

If you share you disk from winxp machine, you need a userid and password to open it.
hi, there

Under the printer setup choose share printer......

On the other client just look under my network find the client with the printer and share it that way
FriarTukCommented:        (how to setup home network in xp hm step 1-8, scroll pages)
FriarTukCommented:  (setting up a peer to peer with win98)
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