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Hi All,
I have been given a HP Laser jet 4M plus printer, that is in perfect working condition. I have a network at home and wish to attach this printer to my router however Im having great difficulty.
As some of you  may know, the printer has networking ports already (much older ones too - coax network!). Anyway -:

I've plugged it all in and printed out a "self test" and there is no IP address displayed. Im not sure if I have to configure anything manually on the menus . As you may all appreciate I dont have the instruction manual. There is a "MIO" menu which is the only menu that displays any information about Ip address and what not.
I have no idea what should be 'on' or 'off' in this menu. And how the hell i can get an IP address.

If someone could help with setting up this printer, that would be great.
Basically I need to know how to get the printer to get an IP address, How I can find this out. Once I have this, I will have no problem setting it up on my Network.
I have read somewhere that I need to purchase a device that attaches between my PC and the printer that allows it work over a network. This sounds strange to me and untrue, but some more light on the matter would be great.

Thanks for your help guys in advance.
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hdhondtConnect With a Mentor Commented:
The self-test page should show an entry for the IP address. If it doesn't, the card may be faulty, or you may need to do a Cold Reset. To do a cold reset, hold down the [online] key while switching the printer on until 08 Cold Reset appears in the printer's display.

To configure TCP/IP from the printer:
(The star means selected or entered; without the star the choice you make is not saved; press enter to get the star and save your choice)

1. press the offline button
2. press the menu button until you see AUX IO MENU
3. press the item button until you see CFG NETWORK = NO
4. press the + button to get CFG NETWORK = YES
5. press the enter button to get CFG NETWORK = YES *(this saves your choice)
6. press the item button to get CFG TCP/IP = NO
7. press the + button to get CFG TCP/IP = YES
8. press the enter button to get CFG TCP/IP = YES *(this saves your choice)
9. press the item button to get IP BYTE 1 = 0
(This could be any number between 0 and 255, pressing plus increases the number in steps of 1 hold the plus button down to automatically  advance the numbers. Hold down the shift button red letters to make numbers go backwards this is  where you set the ip address of the printer. This number will be the first number in your address like this:, this will be the 192 part. before you press the the item button again to get to IP BYTE 2 = 0 (or what ever number it is set to) be sure you have pressed enter to change the entry and save it.
10. press the item button to get IP BYTE 2 = 0
11. press the item button to get IP BYTE 3 = 0
12. press the itme button to get IP BYTE 4 = 0
13. As you continue to press the item button you will get something like this SM BYTE =  or LS BYTE =  or GW BYTE =  these stand for Subnet Mask, GateWay SysLoGserver. You may want to set these too. Again, be sure to press enter to get the * which means you have saved the value. You can always test your  entry procedure by using the test menu above that will tell you if you successfully changed the ip address, subnet mask, and defalult gateway.
doyle007Author Commented:
Thanks that helps alot. I dont actually have the printer infront of me now, I am not at home but will do this in a few hours.
By memory I dont remember seeing the "Aux IO" menu in the general menu. Is it under the "MIO Menu"
Again, I'll have to confirm this but I went through the menu a billion times and dont remember seeing. I do remember seeing the "Ip Byte" menu somewhere though.
David523Connect With a Mentor Commented:
The following link is to the Service Manual for the HP Laserjet 4M and may prove to be beneficial with the problem you are experiencing and for future potential issues.  Best part is this is FREE!!!!       LOL,%204,%204M,%204M,%205,%205M,%205N%20Service%20Manual.pdf

Hope this Helps!!!
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