USB Flash memory stick freezes computer when inserted

We built a computer for a client ... Gigabit motherboard, AMD 3200+ CPU, running WINXP Pro.  Updates are current.

USB slots on front of case and back of system.  When any USB flash memory is installed in a slot, the computer freezes.

Can anyone give me a clue where to begin looking to trouble shoot the problem.


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I would buy a USB card to install in a PCI slot. This would bypass any motherboard or port defects.

Also calculate your power needs here
Check that the proper drivers are installed for the USB controllers?

Do any other USB devices work, such as a mouse?
Another troubleshooting step would be to boot from a Knoppix or Ubuntu CD to determine whether you have a Windows problem or a hardware problem.

If other USB devices work and flash drives don't, more time with the old thinking cap is needed.
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Your power supply might not be performing its best or you may be experiencing an OS problem with drive letter assignment ( do you have a network drive )
install a 3rd party usb card ...sometimes another 25 bucks can solve the problem...
check these :
does the usb stick works ok on another system? if yes :
in device manager, no errors on the usb section?
is USB enabled in the BIOS - and set to hi speed (or usb 2) ?
Open device manager, set it to display hidden devices, then uninstall everything USB. Reboot and let the PC reinstall the drivers. Try again.
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