What's this Hacker Safe advert?

Good morning Experts,

As of yesterday a small item has found its way onto my EE. It's a small Hacker Safe advert. I have no idea what it's doing - something malicious I have no doubt. I have run Spyware Doctor and it has not picked up this particular item. Has anyone else come across it and if they have how do I get rid of it?

Here's a Word file showing what it looks like:


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It's something that EE has added itself.  We are all stuck seeing it.  Already a couple of comments about it posted in Community Support.

Its on mine too.  Its a service that lets you know that your personal details cannot be hacked into (as far as they know)

http://www.hackersafe.com/ is the link to the company if you want it on your site.
patrickabAuthor Commented:

JHC - Idiots have not even put it in a sensible place on the page!

Thank you both for your very quick responses. I will now close this question with equal speed!

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