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Need a good NTFS format/partition programme other than the Windows XP disk.

Hello again,

Whilst reformatting my PC with XP/SP2 with the XP disk I discovered the following problems:

Even though I reformatted the disk into C partition and D, it left (or later copied) Windows files onto the C partition, and then told me I had an operating system on the drive and installed two versions of XP.
The only way I could delete these was to install XP on the D partition and then delete the files from Windows (can't believe how clumsy this was) -- then re-partition again (and even then it thought that there was an operating system on the C drive) and push through the install. This worked -- but how stodgy!

The next problem was that several frustrating times I got a blue screen (black text) message telling me about a dire problem and that I either had a hardware problem or I had shaddowing or caching enabled somewhere in the PC. I just kept rebooting to push past this.

And the third problem was that XP would get to a phase in its installation and then declare that there was some missing file????

So my question is: Does anybody know of a simple programme that will format and partition NTFS drives/partitions and really remove all the remnant files?  And what were all those messages about?

Not interested in Partition Magic or Paragon -- just a simple format/partition programme -- like FDISK was for FAT32.
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4 Solutions
Well first of all FDISK is program u use to partition but you will have to make a bootdisk or download a bootdisk make sure the format and fdisk files are then then you can boot and format and repartition. Otherwise I am not sure what you want because Partition Magic what people mostly use but sound to me like u want to do a Low Level Format?.What data do you want to get rid of?.


Your XP installation disc will delete and create partitions as well as format them . .

Enter BIOS ( Setup ) and set the first boot device as CD/ROM.  Put your XP Disc in the drive and disconnect all external peripherals except the monitor, keyboard and mouse, and be sure those are not USB, or wireless.  Any internal USB card should also be removed.

Once you set your BIOS to boot first from cd . . when it restarts you will see a black screen with a prompt "Press any key to boot from CD" . . do that and you will be able to delete partitions and recreate one or more, then proceed to formating and installing XP.

That message can pass quickly, so have a finger on the keyboard when you boot.  This will delete all data on the drive so be sure you have your important data backed up. The prompt will appear after every reboot, but do not press any key on subsequent reboots. The setup process will continue with no action required from you.

If you do not get that message, and you have another optical drive, try the XP CD in the other drive.

This is a site that walks you thru a simulated XP installation:

These are good guides to reinstalling XP . . you might want to print one for reference during the install.


For help entering BIOS:  http://www.michaelstevenstech.com/bios_manufacturer.htm

The missing files issue could be memory or CD drive failures . . XP depends heavily on memory during the installation phase.  You can google, download and run memtest86 to rule out memory problems
You can format the disks using your windows operating system: Start- Run- Rightclick on my computer- select manage and select Disk Management.  You can format/create partitions etc.

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fredshovelAuthor Commented:
<Well first of all FDISK is program u use> These are NTFS drives.
You can format the disks using fdisk as fat32 and then install windows which will give you the option to quick format them to ntfs...

or otherwise you can run the following command if you have installed windows on a fat32 drive.  

Goto command prompt Start-run-cmd

Convert C: /ntfs /v

Convert D: /ntfs .v
Yes true xp will delete the partition compeletly using this method, if you also wish to remove the MBR ( master boot record)
The MS-DOS Fdisk utility usually updates the master boot record (MBR) only if no master boot record exists. Repartitioning with Fdisk does not rewrite this information.

Fdisk has an undocumented parameter called /mbr that causes it to write the master boot record to the hard disk without altering the partition table information.

Warning Writing the master boot record to the hard disk in this manner can make certain hard disks partitioned with SpeedStor unusable. It can also cause problems for some dual-boot programs and disks with more than four partitions.

You could slave this hdd to another computer, on that other computer using its cdrom ide cable and power connector these fit your hdd perfectly.., moving the pin on the rear of your hdd to slave, once plugged in and power restored and booted this windows will find new hardware your hdd D drive.
In control panel administrative tools computer management disc management..
Using computer management you can format it from here if you wish to ( see the partitions)
Creating Logical Drives In An Extended Partition
Partitioning Hard Drives in Windows XP
Clean Install Procedure with Illustrative Screen Captures

Remove partition

Cheers Merete
Sorry just found the link:


Contains the following partitioning tools along with other useful utilities:

  Ranish Partition Manager        2.40
XFDISK (Extended FDISK)       0.9.3beta
SPFDISK (Special FDISK)       2000-03r
TestDisk       6.2
Partition Resizer       1.3.4
Partition Saving       3.01
Free FDISK       1.3.0
MBRtool       2.2.100
MBRWork       1.07b
FIPS       2.0
Active@ Partition Recovery
BootItNG provides what you need and much more in a very simple, easy to use program:

Boot Manager, Partition Manager, and Drive Image Utility - BootIt Next Generation

<Well first of all FDISK is program u use> These are NTFS drives.

FDISK allows you to delete the NTFS partition too. when you start up FDSIK you will see it under other partitions. or rather Non-Dos partitions
fredshovelAuthor Commented:
Thanks for your suggestions. I'm looking at BootItNG and Ultimate Boot.

I'd be very nervous about letting XP make FAT32 files and then convert them to NTFS from the OS (not saying this doesn't  work) -- but my problems have been with Windows leaving files on the  partition and trying to install 2 operating systems. I'm also nervous about converting a partition that my OS is on whilst in Windows. I'm really looking for what the pros use to do a complete 'blow away'/reformat/partition. I'd like to bet they don't use the XP disk.

Also I've been told that my C drive (OS) should be marked 'Active' -- but it's not, it's marked HEALTHY ( System) , whilst my USB Seagate pocket drive is marked HEALTHY (Active). Is this correct?
fredshovelAuthor Commented:
Should have added: Slackmasterflash: Are you using this programme?
The conversion to ntfs is really fine.  ~Most new laptops come with fat32 and then you just upgrade to ntfs.  Most of the toshiba and acer brands use this method so its fine.  
If you delete the partitions, create new ones then format . . nothing will be left . . I'm a Pro and I use the XP CD all the time to do this . . I sure would not first create FAT32 volumes only to convert to NTFS later . . makes no sense.

If you are trying to hide data from CIA . . then you would need the more powerfull nukeing programs
fredshovelAuthor Commented:
Thanks simpswr (CIA don't come down here -- well not officially) I'm still wondering why XP left files on the drive after formatting and partitioning -- and even after I manually deleted them in Windows -- then after reformatting/repartitioning, XP still thought there was an OS on the drive -- but fortunately (unlike the last time) didn't leave that ugly option where you have 2 operating systems to choose from on the same drive.
Those guys are like roaches . . everywhere!

Only thing I can think of is that you may not have deleted all the partitions . . or brought some files back in inadvertantly after the reinstallation. . If you get the choice of operating systems . . it seems to happen sometimes if you do not reboot after deleting the partitions . . but not consistantly, so I have not really figured it out yet.

When it does happen, you can fix it by clicking  on Start  . . Run . . type msconfig . . click on the Boot Ini tab and click on Check all boot paths  . . when it comes back with one in invalid, click Fix invalid boot paths

Good luck with it!
hi all,
this coment here from grakem would explain possibly 2 OS.
Most new laptops come with fat32 and then you just upgrade to ntfs. 2 different partitons.
If the MBR ( master boot record ) from a windows98 operating system is not removed fully.

The best way is to make a 98 boot disc download  here completed just save as> http://www.msu-hb.de/download/boot98se.exe

then extract it to a floppy disc, windowsxp may produce a warning all system bla bla will be wiped ignore this and continue, once the floppy is made close the strip on the floppy to lock it.
Set the bios to boot from floppy first boot.

Reformat and Reinstall
Windows XP FAQ

1. How do I reinstall and reformat Windows XP on my hard drive? Click here

2. I reinstalled Windows XP and now there are two copies on my hard drive. What do I do? Click here.


Fredshovel -- the solution is under your nose.

Set up a boot diskette of windows 98 with the latest Fdisk on it and format , both capable up to 127 GB.

It takes 2 minutes to remove all partitions, even NTFS (yes the new fdisk handles all these), and when you re-fdisk for FAT32, and format with format.com -- you are good to go.  When you boot windows XP, you are given the choice to leave the partition as FAT32 (recommended for base level boot partitions that MUST be recoverable, even if the OS dies, I use FAT32 all the time for the root partition) or NTFS.

And the most important thing is that using the FDISK and FAT32 guarantees that all data is wiped from the partition, it is a good as a 000 fill, as far as NTFS is concerned.  If you convert to NTFS, it is guaranteed clean !!!

I have used BootItNG on a Windows XP machine as well as a Windows Server 2003 machine.  You load the program and run it before Windows boots so all the formating/partintioning work you are doing is outside of the XP environment which means you can get rid of the duplicate install you created if that is your intention.  If you look at the specs page for the program you will see you can do so much more with it as well.

If you decide to install multiple OS'es, BootItNG also works as a very nice boot manager with a customizable boot selection screen.

Best of luck to you!
Unless you are trying to hide data from the CIA, all you need to use is the XP CD to delete/create partitions and format.  
fredshovelAuthor Commented:
Thanks to all -- Bottom line seems to be divided between XP's CD and third party software. So all advice welcomed -- even though I had major probs with the XP disk -- but could be something else going on in my PC like a hardware issue.

Hey Merete, I really do appreciate the Nero update advice and I'm using it. Captured a 10 year old analogue 8mm tape of a friend's wedding to MPEG-2, then burned it to DVD (it spat the dummy trying to burn directly to DVD). Looks fantastic but right at the end just as the DVD was about to eject and tell me the good news -- CRASH. Still got the DVD albeit with a sudden ending.
XP is also doing some weird things -- so I'm off to the shop.
Re my former post: http://www.experts-exchange.com/Operating_Systems/Q_21866336.html -- isn't 'maramon' going to be pissed if this turns out to be a PSU issue.

Here are some of my current problems:
XP lost my external USB2 hard drive for 2 days, then found it but now thinks it's a USB 1.1 device.
Windows Explorer keeps freezing when I access my USB2 Seagate 5G (which runs very slow)
Autorun won't run anymore on the CD drive.
DVD crashed the PC whilst trying to install software.
And my wife thinks that I shouldn't cross-dress when we have friends over.

Like I said, I'm off to the shop.



hello fredshovel  good to hear from you, one point using Nero matey please note that if you burn an mpeg /MPEG-2, to a dvd it has to be in data format choose burn a data dvd.
briefly it works like this,
to create a CD note CD to play in a >dvd player< the old way was to create a VCD, this uses mpeg formats and converts them to a dvd readable cd << CD not dvd. The only way to burn any mpeg formats onto a blank dvd is leave them as data.

To burn a dvd it uses the format VOBS. The file would have to be in VOBS this makes true dvd.

So to convert your movie you need some kinda softaware that captures the movie, obviosly you have this, then burn as data only, I use this technique as a lot to backup my files.. data can be stored on blank dvd, very handy as these keep 4.7 gig. And can be played on the computer no worries.

There is dvd players available now, the one on the TV.. that will play all formats cd/dvd, one for example  is called Grundig.
You can use a good video card that has tv out, this plugs your computer to the TV. Whatever is played on your computer is shown on the TV. :)

fredshovelAuthor Commented:

Hi Merete,
<So to convert your movie you need some kinda softaware that captures the movie, obviosly you have this>

Just went out of the analogue camcorder -- in through the analogue inputs on the digital Camcorder (set the menu to A/V) -- out to the PC via firewire -- straight into Nero 'capture video' chose ' capture in DVD format' -- to the hard drive
(this really has to encode it to MPEG-2  because that's what DVDs use in their VOBs) -- and then burn the file onto a DVD, before which, as you said, Nero authors it making all the VOBs (which are really MPEG-2 files being told how to behave on the DVD -- a little like the CDA/Wave data thing on CDs.) -- and then burns.
Trust me -- that bad '60s acid couldn't have done that much damage!

But there is also an option in Nero to capture directly to DVD, which didn't work.

No it cannot do this,>>
But there is also an option in Nero to capture directly to DVD, which didn't work.
mpeg cannot be burnt to dvd as this mpeg format is only for cd.

 ask it to convert to mpeg yes . but save it to disc not cd  or dvd.
as this mpeg will be too big to fit on one cd,

I got round this by buying joiner splitter which splits mpeg files to fit cd for vcd, but that is now outdated information. As I bought the Grundig dvd player, I burn all my dvd as data and playthese on the Grundig. It plays all formats..

But really the easiet way round is to use Nero and choose  burn a data disc then you just drag the mpeg file as is onto the blank >dvd <

Unless you must play this on a dvdplayer on the tv.
This data dvd  with you rmpeg will play just fine on any computer.
 just thinking yes vobs are mpeg2, have a look on a dvd it has two folder VIDEO_TS  AUDIO_TS
dont know why it failed, do you have dvd burning rom drive?
 straight into Nero 'capture video' chose ' capture in DVD format' -- to the hard drive <good, did you test the mepg2
fredshovelAuthor Commented:
Hello again Merete,

Can I ask which model Grundig you bought because the latest one also has the MPEG-4 AVC/ H.264 codec, which can play Nero Digital -- or any H.264 encoded DVD -- about half the size of MPEG-2.

Is this it? http://ww2.nero.com/nerodigital/enu/Grundig_GDP_2550.html
hi fredshovel this is exactly the same one as I bought, bought it off ebay
Playable disc formats: DVD video, DVD-R/RW, DivX-CD, super video CD, video CD (2.0), JPEG CD, Kodak picture CD, audio CD, CD-R and CD-RW in CD-DA, WMA and MP3 formats. Dolby® Virtual Surround sound for spatial sound without additional loudspeakers. Dolby® Digital 5.1, MPEG 2, DTS (Digital Theatre System), and PCM. Digital sound effects.

i backed up 6 of my dvd to 70 megs in avi format, kids will break stuff.. and burnt all 6 avi  onto a blank dvd  as data put that dvd in the Grundig and it comes up as 6 avi files I just choose one and it plays then continues on the next.
700 megs that should say 700 megs avi

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