Creating a Presentation using Adobe Acrobat! Problem with Scrollbars.

Hi all,

Im creating a CD presentation for a tender submission using Adobe Acrobat hopefully.

Having a few problems though.

I have my menu in Acrobat and the pages I want to visit and the linking seems to work.

However I would rather have this presentation full screen rather than window, again I see how to do this but it seems to remove the scrollbars when this happens. Not ideal when it may require scrolling through a 30-40 page document!?

Anyone any suggestions how to get round this, I dont think it would look proffesional having it windowed!

Thanks all,

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Karl Heinz KremerCommented:
If you cannot fit the page on one screen, the whole navigation button concept may not work.
There are however a few things you could do: First of all, you can use the cursor keys (even though it's not obvious from just looking at part of a page on a screen without any "normal" windows). You could add "Articles" with the "Article Tool" in Acrobat. This would allow you to just click on the page content and have it advance automatically to the next segment (either the next portion of the page, or skipping to the next page).
One other thing you could do is to just remove the toolbar and menubar from Acrobat, but still keep the standard window with the scroll bars. This will not look as clean as a full screen view, but most of the distracting elments will be removed from Acrobat. You can find this option under the documetn properties>Initial View.
Karl Heinz KremerCommented:
You need to format your pages so that they fit the screen, and then you need to put navigation buttons on the pages (e.g. next/previous/first page/last page and maybe to a few "important" pages like TOC, appendix, ...).

Have you ever worked with interactive buttons in Acrobat?
iainfitzyAuthor Commented:
I have not but it sounds intriguing.

At the moment the page is set up at A5 size.

Is it relatively easy to pick up?

Also how does this solve the issue of scrollbars?
Karl Heinz KremerCommented:
If you can display one whole page at a time, you don't need to scroll on the page, also, if you have navigation buttons that allow you to go back and forth in the document, you don't need scrollbars for that purpose.

How many pages are we talking about? Depending on that, you either should create the buttons manually in Acrobat Pro, or, create them automatically with a JavaScript. The whole process is relatively easy to do, but requires to write (or modify) some JavaScript. I've done this before, and I can certainly walk you through the process.
iainfitzyAuthor Commented:
Well its for a tender document.

So we have the main menu page which leads to

Cover Letter - 1 page
Tender Document - Can be anything up to 100 pages
Appendices - 30 pages
Contact details - 1 page.

Ideally what I need is the user to have the option to go back to the menu when they have finished reading the page they are on.
Is there any way to make the buttons hover no matter what page they are on? Or am I being a tad naive here?

Displaying a whole page at a time wouldnt work sadly as the text would be too small to read!
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