How do I get Drag-n-Drop feature to work in C++.NET (and the whole .NET family for that matter)? I have allowed DragDrop in Properties and have registered a handler but when I try to drop a file or shortcut on the form, it shows me the not-allowed cursor. the one with circle and a diagonal line in it. I can capture the DragEnter Event but not DragDrop.
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lakshman_ceConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Look at this sample for dragging from windows explorer to windows form
Look at this drag/drop beginner's tutorial. Same concepts apply to VC++.NET also.
jhshuklaAuthor Commented:
plz hold on for a few more days.
jhshuklaAuthor Commented:
lakshman, the link that you sent describes how to drag and drop from one control to another in the same form. I want to know how to drag an object from desktop or a folder, and drop it on the form. and after that, how to determine what kind of object was dropped - folder (normal or zipped) or what kind of file - and get path to it.
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