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Traversing a matrix in excel using VBA

I have data in the following matrix format

ColumnAHeader  ColumnBHeader  ColumnCHeader  ColumnDHeader
     H                               1               1                        
     I                                                 1
     J                                1                                                1

The code should traverse Column A , and print out a row of data in a txt file as follows:
HColumnBHeader =  1, HColumnCHeader = 1, IColumnCHeader = 1,   JColumnBHeader = 1, JColumnDHeader =1                  

Please give complete code, including outputting to txt file. Increasing points for urgency! Thanks in advance.
1 Solution
Hi vlakhani,

Sub vlakhani()
 Dim vFF As Long, vFile As String, CLL As Range, uRG As Range, CLL2 As Range, tempStr As String
 vFile = "C:\output.txt"
 Set uRG = Intersect(ActiveSheet.UsedRange, Range(Cells(2, 2), Cells(Rows.Count, Columns.Count)))
 If uRG Is Nothing Then Exit Sub
 vFF = FreeFile
 Open vFile For Output As #vFF
 For Each CLL In uRG.EntireRow.Columns(1).Cells
  If Len(Trim(CLL.Text)) > 0 Then
   For Each CLL2 In Intersect(CLL.EntireRow, uRG).Cells
    If Len(Trim(CLL2.Text)) > 0 Then
     tempStr = tempStr & IIf(Len(tempStr) > 0, ", ", "") & CLL.Text & _
      CLL2.EntireColumn.Cells(1).Text & " = " & CLL2.Value
    End If
  End If
 Print #vFF, tempStr
 Close #vFF
End Sub


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