What is the best way to push the newest netware client 4.91sp2 to a large number of pc's (over 1000) with the ZEN4 zfdagent.msi file. Is there a way to integrate the msi file into the client install and run an ACU? I want it to be as simple and painless as possible! No user prompts if at all possible.
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dotENGConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Create a batch that creates a file in case of success in upgrade something like:

Call updall.bat from login script.
[Optional] add %SOMETHING to the run command to identify the workstation.

IF EXIST c:\alldone.txt GOTO DONE
IF EXIST c:\zenupg.txt GOTO CLIENT
MSIEXEC.EXE /i \\rye\sys\public\Client\ZfDAgent.msi /passive /norestart TRANSFORMS=\\rye\sys\public\client\zfdagent.mst /qb+
ECHO Success > c:\zenupg.txt
IF EXIST c:\clntupg.txt GOTO CLEAN
ECHO Success > c:\clntupg.txt
del c:\zenupg.txt
del c:\clntupg.txt
ECHO Success > c:\alldone.txt
[Optional if you added some workstation identifier to the run command] ECHO %1 >> F:\UPD\updates.txt

Remember to delete alldone.txt file in a later time.
unpack the update in a public read only directory.

for your requested result edit the file setupsp.inf with the following options:
Reinstall = NO
DisplayInstallPrompts = NO
RebootOnCompletion = YES
PromptUserOnCompletion = NO

The rest are ok at the default.

From here you have two options:
1. Create a run-once application that runs the setupsp.exe
2. Add a line to the login script that runs setupsp.exe e.g.  @\\%<aserver>\sys\public\client.sp2\products\winnt\i386\setupsp.exe

Test on a few workstations to see results

MU-ITAuthor Commented:
but how can I also install the zfdagent.msi file?
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What is the actual goal, to do a fresh install of the client32 4.91SP2 and the ZEN workstation manager agent, or are they both upgrades to existing, older clients?  

In other words, are you trying to go from, say, 4.83SP3 client with the 4.0 zen agent to the 4.91SP2 client with the 4.01 zen agent?  Or what?

The .msi file is, of course, a Windows Installer file, and won't automatically be "pushed" by the client ACU AFAIK.  However, if you've already got the 4.01 management agent installed, the client ACU won't overwrite the ZEN agent, IIRC - in fact, having the ZEN components installed already before you upgrade from a pre-4.91 client to a 4.91 client is the only way to keep the ZEN components there - otherwise, they need to be installed separately, either by a login script batch job or manually.
That said, you may want to do a 2-step operation; if you've already got ZEN running on these boxes and want to update both ZEN and the client, update ZEN first, using ZEN (IIRC, there's a way to do that) and then run the ACU client update.
MU-ITAuthor Commented:
The goal is to upgrade the clients from 4.83 to 4.91sp2. However, I have also upgraded Zen 2.0 to 4.0. With the old client the ZEN pieces were included like the NDPS pieces. My understanding is that now the ZEN pieces are in a seperate install called zfdagent.msi. So, I was wondering if I could do an ACU for the client upgrade and somehow include the new ZFDagent.msi program in it to do everything in one step with as little user interaction as possible. Any ideas if this can be accomplished?
As ShineOn stated you should do a two stage operation,

For Zen Client upgrade, check this utility:

I would have written a single batch file for that, and use the output errorlevel of the first stage to determine if the second stage should be ran.
The ZEN pieces that used to be included were actually for ZEN 3.2.  ZEN 4 was the first one that had a "clientless" option where the Novell client wasn't required, so, since ZEN 3.2 is obsolete, they don't include the ZEN pieces with the client any more.
MU-ITAuthor Commented:
Ok...I downloaded Macromedia installshield and used the tuner piece to create an MST file. Then Placed this in the login script:


@MSIEXEC.EXE /i \\rye\sys\public\Client\ZfDAgent.msi /passive /norestart TRANSFORMS=\\rye\sys\public\client\zfdagent.mst /qb+

This worked great. I get the client with no user prompts and the MST for the zfdagent.msi works great. But I need to do some kind of if then statement for this so it will only run once. any ideas?
Well... the @MSIEXEC.EXE should be part of a .bat file or something, with some command that won't hurt anything to create something like a file or folder, that you can check for in the .bat file

I don't do this very often, so I don't have anything handy, but I'm sure there are sample .bat files floating around in the PAQs.  Try a search of the NetWare TA for "login script" and you'll probably find something.
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