Fixing Windows Master Boot Record using Knoppix boot CD

Hi there ,

I need to fix my MBR of Windows XP using the Knoppix Boot CD.    I attempted to do it using the Win XP CD but, apparently , there is a password for the ADMIN and I have tried all the passwords I can think of and nothing is working.  I have read you can repair it using Knoppix but I have no idea how to do so.
Can anyone provide me a step by step on how to fix it ?
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rindiConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Get the UBCD. It has a long set of tools, including a windows password resetter. There are also utilities on it which you can use to manipulate the mbr's of HD's.
Heem14Connect With a Mentor Commented:
As far as I can tell, you can use knoppix to repair the MBR if you are dual booting - that is - it can fix a LILO mbr, but not windows. I may be wrong - but here is another way you can do it:

use this utility: 

reset the password. It's basically a linux bootable disk (kinda like knoppix, but not so fancy) that will allow you to reset the password to whatever you want it to be. it will work fine if the MBR is corrupted. follow the prompts - most cases you'll just use the default answer (which will be in [brackets])

Now boot to your WINXP disk, login, and use the FIXMBR command.
or try 'fdisk /mbr' after you break back into windows.
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it's a long shot but, did you try just leaving the password blank and pressing enter when you did the windows xp recovery console?
dmccormi35Author Commented:
Heem - thanks for the utility, but i could not get it to work , but i just may have not been able to make it bootable

Rindi --thanks for that link - that actually worked and i was ablt to boot from the cd i made and fix the mbr and password.  YEAH!
your welcome
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