slackware freezes on login screen

Hi everybody,
I am very new in slackware. I am trying to scape from Bill Gates.
I changed the runlevel to '5', instead of type every time startx. Now my slackware starts the login xwindow screen and freezes  and allows no further action.(ctrl+alt+backspace does not work). How can I overcome this problem?
Sorry my english.
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If <Ctrl>-<Alt>-<F1> works, you'll get to a console, where you can login/reset the default runlevel.
You can also override the runlevel at the bootprompt (I'm a bit hazy on current slackware, so....:-): With lilo, you type the label followed by the runlevel you want, with grub you have to edit the kernel commandline ...
If none of those work for you, you can always boot a live CD or rescue mode (many distros have this on their install CD/DVD), mount the HDD partition(s) and correct the immediate problem...

When you start the "login screen", it is actually a display manager you are seeing. Usually either GDM, KDM or XDM. KDM (the KDE display manager) and XDM (the "original") share a lot of configuration files, probably in /etc/X11/xdm/*, where the actual X server (the one that freezes up on you) is specified (the Xservers file), with GDM (the GNOME display manager) you'll probably find the same things in /etc/X11/gdm/gdm.conf (in the servers section). One can suspect that the invocation of X differs from what is done for startx:).

If you're not stone set on slackware, I'd recommend some very friendly distros for you to start with: Ubuntu linux, Mandriva linux .... Both are wellknown for being easy on users coming from the windoze side of things .... _and_ being easy on your wallet:-).

-- Glenn
edgardvieiraAuthor Commented:
Thank you and very sorry about my lateness.
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