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heres the situation i have a main site which has my exchange server 2003 collecting mail for my domain. I have another site that is connected over a wan link which sometimes runs slow, i collect email for the remote site via a local active directory server. Thing is sometimes this uses all my bandwidth, would it be of benifet to install a local exchange server at the remote site, or would it require the same bandwidth to be connected back to the main site to send and receive email for my domain?

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D_HebsConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Are you running any type of firewall at that site?

1st, determine your internet connection setup there... (whether they have a firewall, proxy, or just a router)

2nd, you need to have an mx record created for that server/firewall, or whatever you decide to use for a mail gateway, by who ever handles your external DNS records. (or change the existing mx record if its already present)

3. Decide what additional equipment that you will want to implement along side the mail server. Do you plan on using some kind of SMTP mail gateway software? Do you need a firewall?  Perhaps ISA server...

4. create the smtp connector and configure it to accomidate the setup you decide upon...
You have a remote site connected to you via a WAN link and they do not have a direct connection to the internet? You can set them up 1 of two ways...

To save on cost, I would first try to setup all of those remote users to either use OWA, or Outlook 2003, Cache mode. This way they're not pulling all of their email down every time they connect.  If that still doesn't resolve your problem, then yes, adding an exchange server to that site would both improve their connectivity, and reduce the load on your WAN link. How many users are sitting at this remote site?
belronanAuthor Commented:
approx 50 and yes theyu do have their own direct connection to the internet

how would adding a exchange at remote site improve speeds

You could have all of their SMTP mail go out via their connection to the internet, and only have email traveling within your Organization (via a RGC), go across your WAN link. Not to mention, they will no longer have to pull and push any of their mailbox data across that WAN link.
belronanAuthor Commented:
hi d_hebs thanks for your help so for, so i would create a routing group connecter between both server/sites to handle internal email traffic, so what do i need to do to confihure smtp outgoing mail to go through the dierct internet link?

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